Sheri Thomas never stopped teaching—first in a classroom, then on the river and for the past 28 years, as a property manager. Teaching is what sets her business, Boulder Mountain Property Management, apart from others. She doesn’t just look after properties, she expertly educates homeowners and homeowner associations on how to better comply with covenants and regulations and how to increase values. She’s long surpassed the industry average of 10 years in the business, and for good reason.

    “My goal is always maintenance—maintenance and marketability,” she said. “Most people don’t look at increasing their marketability by adding some amenities.”

    Armed with a teaching degree from the University of Utah, Thomas, a California native, traveled through the Wood River Valley while working as a river guide. Her father lived here.

Sheri moved to Ketchum first in 1984 but built a home with her husband in 1996 after they managed a 1929-built fishing lodge for six years.

Sheri started her business part time in 1991, managing second homes for clients, but soon expanded to manage HOAs after she and her husband lived in a condo.

Thomas, 60, founded Boulder Mountain Property Management in 1991. By 1999, she made property management her full-time career and was joined by her husband, Greg, and their children as the business grew.

    “Having my husband come on board has helped a lot—actually, my whole family being involved has helped,” she said.

    She took the business to the next level when she expanded from individual property management to managing and advising associations and entire developments. To do it, she became a certified manager of community associations, an internationally recognized qualification earned through the Community Associations Institute—one of many certifications she has achieved since becoming a member.

    For clients big and small, for Thomas it all boils down to integrity.

    “When you’re a property manager, you have a code of ethics—that’s it for me."

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