Truthistruth commented on Bariteau hotel is a go

You're right Jima. Bariteau has a track record for building things decades ago, but a longer track record of lying through his teeth for the past 15 years on this one.

And all Bariteau does is blame the city when his project stalls.

So, Ketchum drops the Hammer of Thor on town…


This dust up in Flying Heart is a similar story to what happened to create the wilderness around Castle Peak, or at least the urgency that got the bill across the line.

When the Pink Van started showing up at trailheads with 15 mountain bikers at a time, other user groups freaked ou…


ThreeBee you sound like you're a nice person...when you get your way.

The fishing derby reaction is exactly what we'd expect from you...

When is your middle school graduation?


We have zero problem with public access.

When was the last time you went for a peaceful river fishing experience with 15-20 of your best friends?



We'd suggest a First Annual Grammar Derby for you...


We were walking near a different river easement this past summer and here comes 15-20 people in fishing gear approaching a single access easement.

15-20 people “fishing” together at a single access point to the river???

This is why you can’t have nice things...


People were irresponsible and entitled about hiking up Baldy so SV Co. took action and limited access.

The users of this easement were irresponsible and entitled about fishing in Flying Heart so the people who LIVE there took action.

It’s simple...

If you can’t be a resp…


Truthistruth commented on County mulls future of Imperial Gulch

Anyone who has been yelled at by Joanna Pletcher while going to the Greenhorn trailhead will understand how unreasonable the Greenhorn property owners can be.


Truthistruth commented on Sun Valley preps for ‘Epic’ season

Excellent points!


Truthistruth commented on Fiber line proposed for Warm Springs

Make that ego maniac out there with a throne in his grotto pay for the whole thing!