Thirty-six golfers enjoyed the $2,000 Bigwood Open golf tournament Saturday and Sunday and paid tribute to two familiar Bigwood golfers who passed away this year—Kevin Cincotta and Bob Buchanan.

Cincotta, who died of cancer in April at 66, most recently won the Bigwood Open in 2018. Buchanan was a longtime Bigwood golfer. Both are to be remembered on the tourney’s perpetual trophy.

Matt Walker was the gross-stroke champion of the newly-named Cincotta Flight (0-11 handicap) with scores of 79-77 for 156. He was a one-stroke winner over Juan Flores (80-77 for 157). In third place was Ricky Ward 85-78 for 163.

Walker qualified out of Bigwood for the Idaho Golf Association’s Tournament of Champions in October at Blue Lakes Country Club, Twin Falls.

Net winner in the Cincotta Flight was Charlie Dunn 141.

Tommy Tweeten was gross-stroke winner of the Buchanan Flight (12-36 handicap) with scores of 76-84 for 160 over second-place Bryan Burrell (81-84 for 165) and Mike Shanks (86-80 for 166).

Burrell recorded what was believed to be the first hole-in-one in Bigwood Open annals Saturday, acing the No. 5/14 hole from 200 yards. Witnesses were Tom Ferries, David Demkovich and Mike Connelly.

Net winner in Buchanan Flight was Mike Desler 132.

Bigwood superintendent Shawn Aicher was grateful for the support of all golfers at the Ketchum course this summer.

Aicher said, “We started April 15 with 97 players on that first day, the snow blowing sideways, and we haven’t stopped since. We appreciate every golfer this year. It’s been a laugh a minute.”

Kevin Cincotta’s sons Ryan and Barrett were among Sunday’s golfers doing their best to emulate Kevin’s unique style in the putting contest on the finishing hole—with the ashes of Kevin Cincotta and Bob Buchanan in attendance.

Top results by flight:

Cincotta Flight, gross: 1—Matt Walker 79-77 for 156. 2—Juan Flores 80-77 for 157. 3—Ricky Ward 85-78 for 163 (15 players).

Cincotta Flight, net: 1—Charlie Dunn 71-70 for 141. 2—Tim Carter 72-70 for 142. 3—Brad Dredge 73-75 for 148. 4—Ryan Enrico 75-74 for 149. 5—Dana Hollinger 76-74 for 150. 6—Kenny Ward 153.

Buchanan Flight, gross: 1—Tommy Tweeten 76-84 for 160. 2—Bryan Burrell 81-84 for 165. 3—Mike Shanks 86-80 for 166 (21 players).

Buchanan Flight, net: 1—Mike Desler 68-64 for 132. 2—Spyder Heaney 65-69 for 134. 3—Doug Logan 67-72 for 139. 4—Trevor Thomas 69-71 for 140. 5—John Shay 68-73 for 141. 6—Matt Davis 72-78 for 150.

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