Sixty-one racers enjoyed a beautiful day for alpine skiing on Baldy Wednesday, Feb. 3 as the 2021 Sun Valley Budweiser Town Series began on the NASTAR course.

The 30th annual Sun Valley Town Series of Wednesday team alpine ski kicked off this week and continues through March.

Rabbit was Pete Stevenson of The Scorpion Nationalists, in 31st place at 20.39 seconds. Here are the top 25 racers in the best-of-two runs format, with teams in parentheses:

1—Tag Spenst (The Cold Golds) 16.26 seconds. 2—Austin Savaria (Prestige World Wide Ski Team) 16.27. 3—Nick Stenicka (The Cold Golds) 16.57. 4—K.J. Savaria (Prestige World Wide Ski Team) 16.59. 5—John Campbell (Wicked Slappers) 16.98.

6—Charlotte Gourlay (Chicks on Sticks) 17.19. 7—James Tautkus (The Cold Golds) 17.21. 8—Toby Eagan (The Cold Golds) 17.23. 9—Megan Luck (Wicked Slappers) 17.52. 10--John Summers (Let the Good Times Roll) 17.81.

11—David Reid (My Husband’s Nuts) 18.13. 12—Jack Harbottle (Downhill from Here) 18.34. 13—Alex Hegewald (The Scorpion Nationalists) 18.45. 14—Baird Gourlay (Roust-a-bouts) 18.52. 15—Buffalo Lamb (Let the Good Times Roll) 18.54.

16—Kurt Williams (Roust-a-bouts) 18.70. 17—Tyler Hanson (LOFT) 18.92. 18—Taylor Rothgeb (Just Flowers Dirty Hoes) 19.10. 19—Scot Larrabee (My Husband’s Nuts) 19.34. 20—Tyler Corrock (Just Flowers Dirty Hoes) 19.36.

21—Neil Jessen (Irish Electric Dancing Bears) 19.52. 22—Andrew Sandquist (Random Nonsense) 19.53. 23—Steve Heiderich (Roust-a-bouts) 19.61. 24—Rod Jones (Random Nonsense) 19.77. 25—Carl Rixon (The Scorpion Nationalists) 19.82.

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