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La Liga players on the Lobos Division C         (ages 9-10) soccer team had fun winning their championship game Sunday in a 4-3 penalty kick shootout at O’Donnell Field. Lobos team members shown here are: In the back row, from left, Kaiden Blackburn, Kevin Armenta, Raul Rojas, coach Heron Barriga, Jonathan Gil, Erick “Pollito” Barriga, Alexander “Chane” Perez and Daniel Santacruz. In the middle row, from left, are Fabian Ortega, Ellian Servin, Taj Redman, Alejandro “Janito” Romero, Noah Monjaras, Allan Montes, David Enriquez, Bryan Orozco and Dominic Vargas. In front is keeper Jose Moya. Not present for the photo were team members Melany Gallardo, Isaac Sandoval and Markus Garcia.

    Organizers of the Wood River Valley’s La Liga youth soccer league announced final tournament standings and special awards after Sunday’s final day of the three-month summer league season.

    A full day of championship games at Bellevue’s O’Donnell Field ended with the Division A (ages 13-14) clash won by the Lobos squad 7-1 over Lions Academy. Sunday’s championship action began with the Division D (ages 7-8) won by the promising Lobos kids 6-1.

    Thrilling the hundreds of spectators was the Division C (ages 9-10) championship settled in penalty kick shootout. Behind the goalkeeping of Jose Moya, Lobos prevailed 4-3 on kicks over Union Paint when Taj Redman of Lobos made his attempt as the sixth shooter.

    Earlier, Monarcas captured the Division B (ages 11-12) championship by a 2-1 score.

    Final tournament standings and top scorers:

     Division A: 1—Lobos. 2—Lions Academy. 3—Hailey FC.

     Top scorers: 1—Ramiro Hurtado (Lobos) 16 goals and Michael Diaz (Hailey FC) 16 goals. 2—Chris Crespo (Lobos) 14 goals. 3—Bryan Flores (Lobos) 12 goals.

     Division B: 1—Monarcas. 2—Lobos. 3—Hailey FC.

     Top scorers: 1—Jessie Gamino (Monarcas) 8 goals. 2—Bryan Marroquin (Lobos) 7 goals. 3—Satya Redman (Lobos) 5 goals.

     Division C: 1—Lobos. 2—Hailey FC. 3—Lions Academy.

     Top scorers: 1—Jose Villanueva (Hailey FC) 20 goals and Janito Romero (Lobos) 14 goals. 3--Chris Arenas (Hailey FC) 11 goals and Chane Perez (Lobos) 11 goals.

     Division D: 1—Lobos. 2—Hailey FC. 3—Lions Academy.

     Top scorers: 1—Janito Romero (Lobos) 37 goals. 2—Noah Monjaras (Lobos) 11 goals. 3—Dyan Figueroa (Lobos) 10 goals.

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