Thirty-three Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation alpine ski racers joined the field of 204 in the David Wright Memorial Intermountain Cup U-14 qualifying series Feb. 28-March 1 at Park City Mountain Resort.

Fastest boys from the SVSEF were Paxton Sammis, Max Meucci, Tucker Smith and Will Kogelmann, while the SVSEF girls with the best times were Natalie Gowe, Ruby Crist, Lowie Watkins, Eden Grace Gardner and Scarlet Rixon.

Sun Valley placed second as a team at Park City.

Utah racers mainly from Park City dominated the top of the podium during the race series on CB’s and Picabo’s run at Park City. Here are the top SVSEF placings from Utah:

U-16 boys: James Wright 1-GS, 1-SL; Bryce Kanowsky 3-GS, 4-SL; Henry Wright 3-GS, 3-SL.

U-14 girls: Ruby Crist 4-GS (4th overall); Lowie Watkins 6-GS (6th overall), 7-SL; Natalie Gowe 2-SL (2nd overall); Scarlet Rixon 10-GS, 33-SL; Taylor Hovey 19-GS; Eden Grace Gardner 10-GS, 57-SL; Rowan Desler 16-GS, 27-SL; Josie Sarchett 17-GS, 18-SL; Scarlett Carruth 25-GS, 32-SL; Sophia Miller 36-GS; Scarlet Pringle 38-GS, 48-SL; Claire Buchwalter 39-GS, 58-SL; Maddalena Mourier-Floyd 41-GS, 41-SL; Bridgette Normand 42-GS, 68-SL; Emily Wright 48-GS, 31-SL; Ella Shaughnessy 52-GS, 36-SL; Callan Duke 52-GS, 38-SL; Marina Wigdale 61-GS, 65-SL; Simone Tumolo 63-GS, 75-SL; Mia Hansmeyer 64-GS, 67-SL.

U-14 boys: Tucker Smith 6-GS (6th overall); Max Meucci 7-GS (7th overall), 8-SL; Paxton Sammis 9-GS, 7-SL (7th overall); Will Kogelmann 12-GS, 9-SL; Drew Kogelmann 16-GS, 12-SL; Sacha Stern-Pre 18-GS, 27-SL; Oliver Smith 25-GS, 29-SL; Abel Marx 35-GS, 76-SL; Bodin Lee 37-GS, 34-SL; Adam Wright 74-GS.

Futures Tour at Park City

Three SVSEF freeski travel team athletes sampled the new Futures Tour competition at Park City, Utah last weekend.

SVSEF coach Gui Mattheis-Brown said the Futures Tour is a new competition hosted by USASA, USSA, and FIS to provide a launching pad for those interested in competing at the next level.

Mattheis-Brown said, “The conditions were variable, but our athletes’ mindset was not.

“Harper Mallett was showing his control and mastery in the air, with huge double cork 1080s and precise rail skiing.

“Johannes Liaboe came out swinging with some really clean spins and solid grabs.

Anton Holter showed his affinity for the unnatural, spinning and grinding in every way possible.

“Speed was an issue all weekend, and only Anton was able to put down a solid run, but was just outside the bubble to make finals. I was very proud of these athletes for their commitment and overall joy of skiing.”

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