The 2022 Snowmaker Classic at Lake Creek wrapped up the weekend with a strong turnout from Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation skiers, which included the organization’s Devo skiers.

Highlighting the event were six adaptive skiers, many of whom were entering their first ever cross-country ski race. These skiers were a part of the Idaho Youth Challenge Foundation camp, which raced in both sit-skiing and standing classifications with varying distances.

“The SVSEF would like to thank our partners at the BCRD for their great grooming support, and all the volunteers that made this race possible,” SVSEF Cross-Country Assistant Program Director Kelley Yeates said.

Below are the results:

10-kilometer (Women)

1—Fiona Ahearne, 32:45; 2—Gina Greenberg, 34:00.


1—Holden Archie, 26:39; 2—Dexter Morrison, 28:31;

3—Richard Feldman, 29:04; 4—Dave Walters, 29:36; 5—Dylan Parabowo, 30:34; 6—Zach Beatty, 33:03; 7—Steve Moore, 37:29; 8—Brad Grohusky, 39:32.

5-kilometer (Women)

1—Muffy Ritz, 17:57; 2—Mazzy Conners, 18:03; 3—Emma Singer, 20:42; 4—Anna Gilman, 23:46.


1—Stratton Cunningham, 15:58; 2—Winston Gallegos, 19:04.

3-kilometer (Women)

1—Zoe Liberatore, 16:17; 2—Lauryn Stevens, 18:45; 3—Scout Kendall, 19:03.


1—Nick Gardiner, 14:20; 2—Caleo Morrison, 15:13; 3—Duncan Fryberger, 15:32; 4—Edyn Teitge, 16:00; 5—Felix Wilson, 16:41; 6—Jake Jacoby, 16:48.

2-kilometer (Women)

1—Stella St. George, 8:57; 2—Josephine Renner, 9:07; 3— Cora Brozowski-Schrader, 9:50; 4—Sydney Nelson, 10:06; 5—Nina O’Sullivan, 10:12; 6—Isla Sundby, 10:27; 7—Vivian Cunningham, 10:56; 8—Kinley Letson, 11:27; 9—Sadie Guss, 11:31; 10—Penelope Zook, 11:50; 11—Victoria Shane, 11:59; 12—Ruby Gallegos, 16:37.


1—Jed Schmidt, 9:35; 2—Cameron Gilman, 9:49; 3—Cody Lloyd, 11:12.

1-kilometer (Women)

1—Hazel Schmidt, 4:53; 2—Willa Brozowoski-Schrader, 5:35; 3—Grayson Herrick, 5:38; 4—Marie McNeal, 5:40; 5—Sophie Robin, 7:05; 6—Beau Kendall, 7:44.

Adaptive Skiers (Sit-Ski)

1—Maria Velat, 4:38; 2—Nick McGee, 6:05; 3—Talia Cassel, 8:43; 4—Janie Richardson, 8:57.

(Standing, 1-lap)

1—Liem Kaplan, 6:50

(Standing, 3-lap)

1—Emma Mankus, 17:11.

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