With falling snow throughout the weekend, the Nordic trails were in good conditions in McCall as the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation saw Sammy Smith take two first-place finishes over the weekend in the Jug Mountain Ranch Classic and Free Intervals.

Smith took first place in both the U18 women’s 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer races. She grabbed the 10k with a time of 32 minutes, 33.1 seconds on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Kate Brigham of Jackson Hole Ski Club took second in the U18 women’s 10k with 34:44.3. SVSEF’s Anja Grover took third with 35:13.7. Luci Ludwig (36:12.6) took seventh and Anneka Thompson (48:32.1) took 27th.

Smith then returned Sunday for the 5k victory with a time of 16:30.4. Brigham again took second place (16:45.9) and Park City’s Elena Grissom (17:01.0) took third.

Grover (17:16.8) took fourth, Ludwig (17:52.2) took seventh and Thompson (21:41.5) once again placed 27th.

SVSEF’s Elijah Weenig also had a strong showing over the two-day event.

Weenig took first place in the U20 men’s 10k on Saturday with a time of 28:50.8.

Walker Hall of Methow Valley Nordic took second with 29:15.8.

Including Weenig there were six SVSEF skiers in the U20 men’s 10k.

Eli Gore took third (29:44.2), Lane Myrshall (29:45.8) took fourth, Aiden Rasmussen (30:02.9) took fifth, Quinn Wilson (30:43.1) took sixth and Sebastian Radl-Jones (31:00.0) took seventh.

On Sunday, both Weenig and Myrshall tied for second in the U20 men’s 5k. Both SVSEF skiers had a time of 14:37.5.

Hall took first with 14:23.1.

The U20 men’s 5k again saw six SVSEF racers complete the course. Rasmussen (15:00.1) took fourth, Wilson (15:12.0) took sixth, Radl-Jones (15:12.2) took seventh and Gore (15:12.9) took eighth.

Also taking a first-place finish was Anja Jensen in the U20 women’s 5k with 17:33.1. Alice McNight (17:42.5) took second and Kira Gilbert (17:51.1) took third. Both racers came out of Mount Bachelor SEF.

SVSEF’s Quinn Closser took seventh with 19:21.5.

Jensen also took fourth in the U20 women’s 10k with a time of 36:55.2

Gilbert (36:12.9) took first, McNight (36:37.3) took second and Lina Farra—skiing as an independent—took third with 36:44.1.

Closser took seventh with 39:53.3.

Galen Grohusky posted his best results of the season on Sunday in the U16 men’s 5k—a second-place finish with 15:23.0.

Peter Warner of Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation took first with 15:18.0. Woody West of Bridger Ski Foundation took third (15:26.5).

Other SVESF skiers in that race were Theodore Hobbs (15:57.3) who took eighth, Dexter Morrison (16:15.2) who took 11th and Dave Walters (17:13.5) who took 22nd.

Grohusky began the weekend by taking third in Saturday’s U16 men’s 3.5k with a time of 15:14.1. Gavin Galyardt of McCall Nordic and Biathlon took first with 14:59.0. Warner took second with 15:10.2.

Rounding out SVSEF in that event was Hobbs (15:55.5) who took eighth, Morrison (15:58.3) who took ninth and Walters (16:43.0) who took 18th.

Jodie Willow Maguire took a pair of third-place finishes on both Saturday and Sunday.

Maguire took a time of 17:41.7 in the U16 women’s 5k, then 18:16.6 in the U16 women’s 3.5k.

In Saturday’s 5k, there were a total of eight SVSEF female skiers. Berkeley Canfield (17:52.9) took fourth, Anika Vandenburgh (18:08.1) took fifth, Aisley Grohusky (18:43.7) took 11th, Eloise Herbert (18:56.1) took 14th, Cora Scott (18:57.8) took 15th, Josephine Gilman (19:57.0) took 21st and Lucy Carter (19:58.7) took 22nd.

On Sunday’s U16 women’s 3.5k, SVSEF saw eight total skiers finish the course with six racers finishing in the top-10—and all coming within one minute of each other.

Along with Maguire’s third-place finish, Vandenburgh (18:29) took fifth, Scott (18:32.4) placed sixth, Canfield (18:36.0) took seventh, Aisley Grohusky (18:42.1) took eighth and Herbert (18:46.0) took ninth.

Rounding out SVSEF in the U16 women’s 3.5k was Gilman (20:50.1) who took 21st and Carter (21:43.8) who took 24th.

In the U18 men’s 10k, William Garlick took 14th with 33:08.9 and Alex Shafer took 17th with 34:50.8.

Remy De Saint Phalle took 30th with 39:18.4 and Skylar Maguire took 32nd with 41:42.4.

In the U18 men’s 5k on Sunday, Garlick (15:44.5) took 14th, Shafer (16:24.1) took 17th, Maguire (19:26.1) took 32nd and De Saint Phalle (19:51.6) took 33rd.

Rounding out the weekend, SVSEF’s Tori Vandenburgh took 20th in the U14 women’s 3.5k on Saturday with a time of 17:18.1.

Up next for SVSEF is the Western Region Junior Championships in Soldier Hollow, Utah, March 11-13.

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