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Crystal Fowler of Tobi Wan Luxe Reel, who took first in the six-team relay, holds trophy glassware on Saturday.

Formerly known as the LP 200, the Sawtooth 200 saw 214 cyclists trace the Boise to Sun Valley course on Saturday, June 5, with riders crossing the finish line at Sun Valley Festival Meadows just in time for the Sawtooth Brewery’s Sawtooth Fest.

The race was split up into six-person, four-person and two-person relays, along with solo male and female riders. There were 15 teams (90 cyclists) in the six-person relay, in which Tobi Wan Luxe Reel took the overall standings with a time of 7 hours, 14 minutes, 5.57 seconds. The team of 2C Cyclists (7:28:31.69) and Mattie and McFatties (7:42:02) took second and third, respectively.

In the four-person relay, TriTown took first with 7:02:50.22 while Chickenwheels (7:30:04.05) took second and NAPP2020 (8:08:42.61) took third.

The race has both 200- and 100-mile routes. The 200-mile route—starting in Boise—has teams of four or six riders, and the 100-mile course—starting in Grandjean—is ridden by either a two-person team or solo riders.

In the two-person relay, Team Reel Dos (4:32:49) took first, Cervelo Duo (4:55:03.39) took second and the Byrds (4:57:04.97) took third.

Top solo female rider was Annamaire Hofstetter of Bauerhaus Bikes with 5:04:20.19. Becky Callister (5:28:57.96) took second and Sarah Forzley (6:34:38.72) took third.

Top solo male rider was Kenny McDaniel of Boise with 4:42:59.86. Justin Sparhawk of LOOK! Save a Life (4:54:45.76) took second and John Ospina of Audi Cycling (5:01:20.31) took third.

Local rider Kris Thoreson of The Elephant’s Perch placed sixth in the solo men’s race with 5:18:09.96.

The 200-mile route started at Barclay Bay just south of Lucky Peak Dam, which is a new starting point for 2021. There were nine fixed transition points and 10 segments along the way. Transitions could only take place at these spots with a limit of three teammates allowed on the road at a time except in certain locations.

For the 100-mile route from Grandjean, there were four transition points and five segments. Both routes ended up at the same spot, and as each rider was done, the festivities began as the Sawtooth Brewery offered a custom finisher’s pint glass and a free beer from Sawtooth Brewery’s Sawtooth Fest.

Below are the times and complete results.

Final Results

(Total Time)

Six-person teams

1—Tobi-Wan Luxe Reel, 7:14:05.57. 2—2C Cyclists, 7:28:31.69. 3—Mattie and the McFatties, 7:42:02.00. 4—The REAL Team 10 Barrel, 8:16:02.92. 5—Team Reel FRB, 8:21:07.71. 6—Self Preservation, 8:23:26.48. 7—Past our Prime (PoPs), 8:27:19.18. 8—A Fifth of Emptiness, 8:28:18.01. 9—Kelly Dustin, 8:30:26.16. 10—Masher’s, 8:30:48.41.

11—Pork Chop Express, 8:32:47.82. 12—McCall Velo, 8:37:46.95. 13—Team 10 Barrel, 8:40:28.37. 14—Cycloholics Unanimous, 8:46:42.17. 15—NeuroNerds, 9:15:35.49.

Four-person relay teams

1—TriTown, 7:02:50.22. 2—Chickenwheels, 7:30:04.05. 3—NAPP2020, 8:08:42.61. 4—Borah Kings, 8:12:31.17. 5—The Fast & The Furry, 8:33:33.26. 6—Point S Tires & Crunch, 8:34:48.16. 7—Sturtevants, 8:40:42.88. 8—See Food Diet, 8:47:03.25. 9—Katie’s Co-Pilots, 8:50:14.08. 10—A holes and underdogs, 8:53:14.45.

11—Adequate, 8:59:50.29. 12—Hoppy Cycling Alpha, 9:18:25.39. 13—The Four Musketeers, 9:47:43.61.

Two-person relay teams

1—Team Reel Dos, 4:32:49.11. 2—Cervelo Duo, 4:55:03.39. 3—Byrds, 4:57:04.97. 4—Team ALC, 4:59:12.55. 5—Outspoken Cycling, 5:03:16.25. 6—Team Reel, 5:08:56.83. 7—Team Nizzie, 5:31:33.78. 8—Group Ag, 5:53:39.14. 9—TAFCC, 5:56:44.73. 10—Once, 6:07:01.86.

11—Sun Devils, 6:10:03.85. 12—PBR Pals, 6:56:06.44.

Solo Women

(Team Name)

1—Annamarie Hofstetter (Bauerhaus Bikes), 5:04:20.19. 2—Becky Callister, 5:28:57.96. 3—Sarah Forzley, 6:34:38.72. 4—Jill Mulder (Fun While It Lasts), 6:48:03.76.

Solo Men

(Team Name)

1—Kenny McDaniel, 4:42:59.86. 2—Justin Sparhawk (LOOK! Save a Life), 4:54:45.76. 3—John Ospina (Audi Cycling), 5:01:20.31. 4—Toby Miller (TriTown), 5:09:55.49. 5—John McAndrew (Oak-tah Riders), 5:16:56.19. 6—Kris Thoreson (The Elephant’s Perch), 5:18:09.96. 7—Ken Jones (Lost River Cycling), 5:22:29.14. 8—Gregory Wallingford, (Bob’s-Bicycles), 5:26:02.79. 9—Mike Critz (Eagle Bike Shop), 5:40:55.05. 10—Doug Flinn, 5:42:34.67.

11—Alex Harris, 5:54:04.21. 12—Jack Boren (Hell Roaring), 5:54:04.46. 13—Scott Spencer, 5:54:05.85. 14—Craig Jeppson, 5:54:33.38. 15—Ren Hansen, 6:21:13.92. 16—Stafford Smith, 6:30:36.08. 17—Rick Lundgren, 6:33:29.17. 18—Josh Kenyon (Fun While It Lasts), 6:36:03.45. 19—Jeff Dzieczkowski, 6:58:59.39. 20—Nick Adams (OTC) 7:43:35.44.

21—Kent Anderson (OTC), 7:50:40.49. 22—Cam Preece (OTC), 7:52:36.05.

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