The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation freeride team had a big weekend while scaling down big mountains.

The SVSEF U12 skiers went to the U12 North Series event in Grand Targhee, while some of the older riders kept going east to Jackson Hole for the Jackson Hole International Free Skiers & Snowboarders Association (IFSA) Junior Regionals.

The competition ran from Jan. 23-24.

For the U12 boys, Sawyer Morgan took both victories at Grand Targhee. The dominating performance from Morgan wasn’t the only SVSEF highlight from the weekend, however. Conway Selznick took third in the first race and fifth in the second. Charlie Reid took second in the second race.

“We couldn’t have asked for better conditions, and I think this trip was a great success,” SVSEF coach Collin Collins said. “I’m so proud of all our athletes, and especially happy about our strong finishes, both days.”

For the U12 girls, Brazil Fleur took fifth in the first race, and third in the second race.

Here are the remaining results from Grand Targhee:

Grand Targhee Girls results

(SVSEF riders)

Race 1: 5—Brazil Fleur; 7—Hadley Walker; 9—Skye Pringle; 10—Jasmine Smiley; 11—Elliot Leahy; 14—Bianca Smith; 16—Lily Larrabee; 19—Caroline Wright; 21—Galena McMahan; 36—Jet Hale.

Race 2: 3—Brazil Fleur; 6—Elliot Leahy; 7—Skye Pringle; 9—Ruby Thurston; 10—Skylar Jensen; 12—Anna Pierre; 15—Hadley Walker; 16—Helen Hobbs; 17—Bianca Smith; 20—Caroline Wright; 21—Lily Larrabee; 23—Elle Palmer; 35—Jet Hale.

Grand Targhee Boys results

(SVSEF riders)

Race 1: 1—Sawyer Morgan; 3—Conway Selznick; 7—Huxley Flood; 8—Charlie Reid; 10—Tommy Hovey; 13—Fletch Palmer; 14—Wyatt Limburg; 15—Wyatt Gilmour; 16—Espen Schernthanner; 19—Harrison Black; 20—Kai Sammis; 22—Declan O’Toole; 33—William Lamoureux; 34—Sully Ferries; 35—Dominic Dulcich; 36—Corbin Flood.

Race 2: 1—Sawyer Morgan; 2—Charlie Reid; 5—Conway Selznick; 8—Huxley Flood; 10—Wyatt Limburg; 11—Wyatt Gilmour; 13—Espen Schernthanner; 14—Declan O’Toole; 17—Tommy Hovey; 20—Harrison Black; 22—Fletch Palmer; 24—Kai Sammis; 33—Sully Ferries; 36—Dominic Dulcich; 37—Corbin Flood.

Kari takes podium in 15-18 category

Hunter Kari took first in the boys’ 15-18 category, with Harper Mallet taking third and Charlie Price coming in at fourth place at Jackson Hole. This event was from Jan. 22-24.

Sebastian Lerner also took second in the boys’ 12-14 snowboard competition.

Other riders from Jackson Hole:

Jackson Hole Boys results

(SVSEF riders)

Ski male 15-18: 7—Russell Stumph; 8—Lachlan McFarland; 13—Aaron Gathrid; 13—Gabe Garlick; 16—Zephyr Carruth; 18—Leo Molter.

Snowboard male 15-18: 5—Brody McBee.

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