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SVSEF’s Wyatt Limburg finished first in the North Series Boys race with a time of 23.79 seconds.

Under bluebird skies with perfect snow conditions, the fourth annual Gary Black Jr. Memorial Ski Race was contested on lower Greyhawk at Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain on March 28.

Over 150 athletes participated in a three-stage time group in the slalom.

Paxton Sammis and Ruby Smith won the IMD Boys and Girls races, respectively.

Sammis had a time of 24.34 seconds and Smith had 23.17 seconds.

Wyatt Limburg (23.79 seconds) and Ruby Thurston (25.15 seconds) took first for the North Series Boys and Girls, respectively.

In a year where competitive skiing wanted to comply with the best COVID-19 safety practices, athletes, coaches, spectators and parents alike faced a challenging season.

The event traditionally brings all the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Alpine teams together for an Alpine dual race—in itself joyous. It was made even more fun by racing in costumes.

The race was named after Gary Black Jr., who was active in the competitive ski business on both a national and international scene as well as local level.

There’s no denying his passion for ski racing; Black was an integral part in the growth of skiing. He was owner and publisher of Ski Racing magazine, member of the FIS World Cup Calendar Committee, the FIS PR & Media Committee, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association trustee and, as importantly, an SVSEF board member for six years (with a term as its president). He was also father and grandfather to SVSEF athletes.

Below are the top three results from each team:

Baldy Devo Girls (6 & 7)

1—Alta Questad 32.51; 2—Arielle Ries 33.29; 3—Lexi Kennedy 33.89.

Baldy Devo Girls (8 & Up)

1—Fernanda Hurtado 30.32; 2—Brianna Smiley 30.92; 3—Jennings Fraser 31.28.

Baldy Devo Boys (6 & 7)

1—Alex Grant 29.51; 2—Jack Kantor 31.13;

3—Logan Steel 32.25.

Baldy Devo Boys (8 & Up)

1—Wesley Sewell 31.03; 2—Cody Lloyd 31.57; 3—Owen McNulty 31.59.

Mini World Cup Girls

1—Savannah Pringle 27.09; 2—Lucy Stevenson 27.98; 2—Olivia Harrington 27.98.

Mini World Cup Boys

1—Henry Flynn 25.48; 2—Henry Questad 25.50; 3—Corbin Flood 25.75.

North Series Girls

1—Ruby Thurston 25.15; 2—Skye Pringle 25.41; 3—Anna Pierre 25.93.

North Series Boys

1—Wyatt Limburg 23.79; 2—Wyatt Gilmour 24.32; 3—Conway Selznick 24.35.

IMD Girls

1—Ruby Smith 23.17; 2—Maddelena Mourier-Floyd 24.24; 3—Josie Sarchett 24.63.

IMD Boys

1—Paxton Sammis 24.34; 2—Jay Blackburn 24.56; 3—Santiago Rico 26.66.

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