While the tents set up at the base of Bald Mountain created a stir of rumors of a new tent city, that gossip was quickly squashed when the 29029 Everesting event took place instead.

A total of 215 hikers came to Sun Valley with many staying in the temporary tent city with hopes of scaling Bald Mountain as many times as they could to reach the equivalent of Mount Everest’s 29,029-foot peak.

Despite no local hikers, competitors came from all over the world to take on the challenge where each hiker had 36 hours to reach 29,029 feet. While hikers didn’t go all the way to the top of Baldy (9,150 feet), their goal was to go to Roundhouse (7,727) with a nice gondola ride down to the bottom only to repeat as many times as they could.

Founded by Jesse Itzler, Marc Hodulich and Colin O’Brady, 29029 Eversting began in 2019 with Itzler coming up with the idea of an event that merges demanding physical exertion with the ultimate glamping experience. Hikers paid a cool $4,195 to “compete” in the event despite the event not being timed with no placing. A glamping tent that sleeps two also went for $10,995.

Sun Valley was the first stop in the 2021 tour with two Snowbasin, Utah, events—Aug. 19-22 and Aug. 26-29—to follow. The 29029 summer wraps up in Vermont at Stratton Mountain on Oct. 14-17.

Of the 215 hikers, 134 of them made the full 15 laps to officially reach “Everest” or to equal 29,029 feet. There were 14 hikers to reach “Aconcagua” or 12 climbs to equal 22,838 feet—the height of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas, in the Andes of Argentina.

Sixteen hikers made it to “Denali” with at least 11 ascents, which is the equivalent of 20,310 feet. There were 10 hikers to make “Mount Kilimanjaro” with 10 ascents (5,895), and there were six to make “Vinson Massif” with at least nine ascents to equal 16,050 feet. Vinson Massif is the tallest peak in Antarctica. Finally, there were 35 to make “Mount Kosciuszko” with at least four ascents to reach 7,310 feet—the tallest peak in Australia.

There were also 20 hikers that did not reach any summit.

Below are the full results.

Final Results


(15 Ascents)

Clay Albrecht, Male; Megan Albrecht, Female; Boomer Alred, Male; KC Ambrecht, Male; Kimberly Ambrecht, Female; Kelly Apple, Female; Steven Barr, Male; Mitchell Baruchowitz, Male; Larry Berman, Male; Kathy Boardman, Female.

George Boudreaux, Male; Richard Bradford, Male; Ariel Broekemeier, Female; Kathy Broock, Female; Blake Brown, Male; Megan Brown, Female; Rebecca Brown, Female. Lisa Buell, Female; Craig Cardon, Male; Kevin Casper, Male.

Rosanna Casper, Female; Jr Ching, Male; Matthew Chiogioji, Male; Lucas Clarke, Male; Jason Claybrook, Male; Samantha Coker, Female; Lauren Spencer Croft, Female; Sarah Cruz, Female; Tony Dabit, Male.

Matt Deaton, Male; Rick Detoto, Male; Kaydi Dickerson, Female; Emily Dingmann, Female; Gordon Dobner, Male; Graham Dorian, Male; Matthew Dorminey, Male; Jacqueline Doss, Female; Shawn Doss, Male; Michael Doyle, Male.

Chris Reza Ebrahimi, Male; Sarah Ebrahimi, Female; Frank Egan, Male; Roger Farley, Male; Simone Farley, Female; Chris Farwell, Male; Lance Friedman, Male; Seth Gibree, Male; Meg Gillentine, Female.

Wooch Graff, Male; Kendra Gustafson, Female; David Hicks, Male; Garnet Hobbs, Male; Caroline Hughes, Female; Ashley Irwin, Female; Ellen Itzler, Female; Peter Itzler, Male; Jen Johnson, Female; Lance Kenmore, Male.

Lexie Klein, Female; Tim Komis, Male; Jeffrey Lake, Male; Andrew Lausch, Male; Bibi Lausch, Female; Nadia Lausch, Female; Jared Lomeo, Male; Michael Luby, Male; Adam Marcus, Male; Jarrod Marrs, Male.

Nicole Marrs, Female; Natalie Marshall, Female; Ryan Marshall, Male; Mike Matta, Male; Thomas Matta, Male; Ali McKenny, Female; Ryan McKenny, Male; Andreas Melder, Male; Eric Miller, Male; Marianne Mowat, Female.

Matthew Neuman, Male; Jerremy Newsome, Male; Eli Niepoky, Female; Colin O’Brady. Male; Christina O’Connor, Female; Ed O’Keefe, Male; Tim Osby, Male; Dustin Owens, Male; Ashley Paulson, Female; Craig Peterson, Male.

21-06-23 Baldy 29029 Challenge Hike 5 Roland.jpg

Over 200 hikers flocked to Baldy from June 17-20 for the 29029 event.

Caitlin Pickard, Female; Jen Pines, Female; Noah Pines, Male; John Pitts, Male; Brian Plaster, Male; Maggie Plaster, Female; Cullen Powell, Male; Lauren Ramsey, Female; Andrew Randall, Male; Chris Resner, Male.

Laurie Reynoldson, Female; Joannie Rich, Female; Eli Rodsky, Male; Kenny Rosenblatt, Male; Matthew Rotterman, Male; Jon Sackstein, Male; Greg Schmid, Male; Scott Schutte, Male; Jennifer Smith, Female; Julie Stackhouse, Female.

David Stein, Male; Zoe Steinmetz, Female; Deanne Stepp, Female; Susan Tormollen, Female; Lindsay Veleber, Female; Melinda Warner, Female; Jessica Weesner, Female; Michael Weinberger, Male; Becca Williams, Female; Scott Williams, Male; Emilee Wise, Female; Nicole Woodard, Female; Hanson Yates, Male; Jen Zebley, Female.

Thomas Zebley, Male; Bill Ziesmer, Male; Chris Carsten, Male; Rich Rescigno, Male; Luke Waller, Male; Wesley Schooler, Male; Jimmy Decicco, Male; Jake Decicco, Male; Dan Churchill, Male; Devon Levesque, Male; Levi Hawks, Male; Alicia Green, Female;


(12 Ascents)

Adele Acheson, Female; Steve Ringo, Male; Lee Ferry, Male; Dennis McCreight, Male; Keith Yaeger, Male; Bill Bernacky, Male; Michelle Goldberg, Female; James Hogans, Male; Jesse Itzler, Male; Catherine Kohler, Female; David McWhirter, Male; Mona Shay, Female; Adam Wolf, Male; Levi Gilbert, Male.


(11 Ascents)

Jess Buffington, Male; Ali Connor, Female; Ed Cooney, Male; Jennifer Demba, Female; Mitchel Friedman, Male; Jordan Green, Male; John Imming, Male; Gregory Jacobs, Male; Caroline Johnson, Female; Bryan Kaye, Male; Mary McCreight, Female; John Ulzheimer, Male; Michael Wall, Male; Samantha Wall, Female; David D’Angelo, Male; Rob Gowler, Male.


(10 Ascents)

Natalie Bryan, Female; David Callanan, Male; Christine Egan, Female; Robert Falco, Male; Misti Holley, Female; Diane Miller, Female; Duygu Onat, Female; Kim Skouras, Female; Rhae Sutphin, Female; Russell Wilhite, Male.


(Nine Ascents)

Goldie Hester, Female; Angela McWhirter, Female; Mona Patel, Female; Peter Verlezza, Male; Brian Green, Male; Carly Sorensen, Female.


(Four Ascents)

Heather Gaines, Female; Mike Holley, Male; Jeff Johnson, Male; Erika Szychowski, Female; Scott Rogers, Male; Jenny Levison, Female; Spencer Lloyd, Male; Angel Morgan, Female; Jenna Silhavy, Female; Kent Stewart, Male; Steph Raterman, Female; Azland Dubose, Male; Adam Howell, Male; Howie Mccormack, Male; Stephen Odom, Male; John Patriarche, Male; Julie Stewart, Female; Tony Smith, Male; Allie Boettger, Female; Tom Chronister, Male, Nicole Dawkins, Female; Jennifer Dorminey, Female; Mallory Knowles, Female; Lauren Lloyd, Female; Tanya Morea, Female; Rachel Spurger, Female; Dewey Keithly, Male; Steve Brown, Male; Laura Garrison, Female; Troy Garrison, Male; Frank Guida, Male; Melanie Lincicum, Female; Kendra Odom, Female; Eric Watterson, Male; Mark Watterson, Male.

No Summit

Loretta Nance, Female; Jenna Besaw, Female; Scott Watterson, Male; Sara Blakely, Female; Amber Deal, Female; Mike Dickerson, Male; Crystal Dicosola, Female; Paul Doyle, Male; Susan Fuller, Female; Thomas Fuller, Male; Mark Hancock, Male; Greg Hobson, Male; Austin Love, Male; Matt Mong, Male; Gunar Overbeck, Male; Tracy Phelps, Female; Mike Posner, Male; Sarah Ricci, Female; Richard Roll, Male; David Watterson, Male.

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