Fishing in June is predictably unpredictable. Last week’s cold blast slowed the runoff on our local freestones a tad and slowed the fishing. With warmer temperatures in the forecast this week, the runoff will bump briefly and then flows should start consistently dropping as we head into the middle of June. And the fishing will get back on track.

SILVER CREEK—The Brown Drakes have run their course for the year; however, there may be a few lingering as warm weather returns. Last week’s wind made the afternoon hatch hard to find, but as the weather pattern stabilizes, we should see decent PMDs along with some Callibaetis and Baetis in the afternoon. Remember, when fishing the Preserve, the visitor center remains closed. Look for posted information at each access allowing you sign in via your phone with a QR code or by texting “Visitor” to (833) 593-0682.

BIG WOOD RIVER—At the moment, the river is mostly clear but still too high for wading. Focus your fishing on the side channels, braids, or anywhere the water slows down and you are sure to find some trout. Nymphs fished Euro style or dangling off an indicator are your best bet. If you are looking for a river to wade, try Warm Springs. The flows are perfect and you should find a good mix of wild and stocked trout.

BIG LOST RIVER—The Upper Lost is high but clear. The fishing is limited but should improve over the next couple of weeks as the water drops. The Lower Lost is up around 500 CFS which is very difficult to wade. It would be best to wait for this tailwater to come down to around 350 CFS.

SALMON RIVER—The flows are high here as well. Wait to go once the runoff subsides in another week or two. The good flows will coincide with the appearance of large Stoneflies.

SOUTH FORK OF THE BOISE—At 1200 CFS, the South Fork is perfect for floating. The Pteronarcys californica typically start to hatch in the lower river this time of year. While not many have been seen yet, large stone fly nymphs are taking fish. Focus your attention on the banks with large foam flies and droppers or fish the riffles with nymph rigs. The evening caddis hatch has been productive as well.

LOCAL PONDS—Gaver’s Lagoon, Penny and Lake Creek ponds have been stocked and make a great location for a family picnic.

STILLWATER OPTIONS—If you are looking for an alternative to the high flowing rivers, try one of our local reservoirs. Magic, Mackay and the Little Wood reservoirs can be fished either from shore or from a float tube.

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