As expected with the warming last week, flows on all our freestones came up to season highs and some even went off color. The heat wave also triggered the brown drakes on the creek, which have already run their course for the season. Cooler weather has returned to the valley and the flows are already coming down. Once we return to a stable weather pattern and the rivers clear up, the fishing should get back on track.

SILVER CREEK— The creek is going to be your best option this week. While the brown drakes are done, there has been a decent midday Callibaetis emergence and spinner fall in the pond. Some Baetis, green drakes, as well as a few PMDs can be found in the preserve. Nymphing with small and medium-size patterns has been fairly consistent as well. The evening fishing has slowed down but should improve as daytime highs increase. Remember, The Nature Conservancy has improved access and kindly ask that users stay on the designated trails and utilize the access points to prevent habitat degradation. Also, the visitor center is being remodeled and will remain closed. Look for posted information at each access allowing you to sign in via your phone with a QR code or by texting “Visitor” to 833-593-0682.

BIG WOOD RIVER— The Wood peaked at 1,000 CFS last week but is coming down and clearing quickly. If you fish the Wood this week, your best option is to seek side channels and stay mobile. Use nymphs, attractor dries or streamers along the edges or slower buckets. Do not try to cross at these levels. If you run out of fishable water, move to another access. By the end of June, the Wood should be prime for wading and the arrival of the green drakes.

WARM SPRINGS— This lovely small stream is still fishable, but very low. There are stocked rainbows around the bridges and easy access points, but an angler who is willing to move around and employ stealth will find a few wild fish.

LOWER BIG LOST RIVER— The flows are up and down on this tailwater, but are still above 300 CFS. This will fish better once the flows stabilize and drop.

UPPER BIG LOST RIVER— Like the Wood, this upper Lost has bumped up in flows. In another week or so this will be ready to explore.

SALMON RIVER— A handful of drift boat anglers have begun to float this scenic river. While there are some big bugs about, the fishing is still on the slow side. This should turn on in another week or two as temperatures rise and the water drops.

SOUTH FORK OF THE BOISE— This is a good place to launch your drift boat as flows are steady at just above 1,800 CFS. We are a week or two away from the salmon fly hatch.

LOCAL PONDS— The local ponds have been stocked and are ready for a family picnic and some fishing.

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