Sun Valley Figure Skating Club skaters

Sun Valley Figure Skating Club skaters competing this weekend at the National Solo Dance Finals in Provo, Utah are, from left, Georgia Achilles, Carlie Quesada, Jaysa Bozzuto, Anabel Viesturs and Kenley Bozzuto.

     Five skaters from Sun Valley Figure Skating Club are in Provo, Utah this weekend competing in the 2019 U.S. Figure Skating National Solo Dance Finals being held for the first time at Provo, Utah.

     The finals are Thursday through Saturday this week. Top skaters in Pacific, Midwestern and Eastern Sections of USFS have qualified for national finals. SVFSC entrants are in the Pacific Section.

     Qualifying skaters must have competed in at least three of the solo dance competitions in their region, and those with the most points have advanced to the finals hosted in Provo by the Peaks Figure Skating Club.

    Georgia Achilles is competing in Bronze Pattern Dance and Juvenile Combined, and in Pre-Bronze Shadow with partner Kenley Bozzuto.

     Carlie Quesada is competing in Pre-Gold Shadow with Jaysa Bozzuto.

     Jaysa Bozzuto is competing in Intermediate Combined, along with Pre-Silver Shadow with Anabel Viesturs and in Pre-Gold Shadow with Carlie Quesada.

     Anabel Viesturs is competing in Juvenile Combined, plus Pre-Silver Shadow with Jaysa Bozzuto.

     Kenley Bozzuto is competing in Pre-Bronze Shadow with Georgia Achilles.

     Coaches for the SVFSC girls in Sun Valley are Judy Blumberg, Natalia Irvine and Brent Bommentre.

     This is the ninth National Solo Finals, staged in 2018 at Hyannis, Mass. Solo Finals have been held five times at Colorado Springs, once in Newark, Del. and once in East Lansing, Mich. Next year’s finals are in Kalamazoo, Mich.

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