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Wood River senior Elias Svennungsen rides up Croy Canyon on Thursday, Sept. 24, during an intrasquad race as sophomore Holden Archie is close behind.

The Wood River High School and Middle School mountain biking squads got tired of not riding due to COVID-19 restrictions, so head coach Joel Zellers got his kids together for an intrasquad race Wednesday, Sept. 23, and Thursday, Sept. 24, at Croy Canyon in Hailey.

“It’s been a long season without races, but this week we were able to come together to race,” Zellers said.

Both the middle and high school teams made the best of the COVID-19 situation while racing on the 1-mile short track loop, resulting in fast times and a few crashes.

Top finishers in Thursday’s high school race were freshman Dexter Morrison with a time of 13 minutes, 1 second. Sophomore Holden Archie took second with 13:16 while senior Elias Svennungsen took third with 13:22.

High School Results

Overall—1—Dexter Morrison 13:01; 2—Holden Archie 13:16; 3—Elias Svennungsen 13:22; 4—Clayton Elsbree 13:36; 5—Zane Lyon 13:39; 6—Hayden Wilson 14:32; 7—Daniel Riggs 14:37; 8—Lucas Savage 14:37; 9—Ramsey Marquis 14:43; 10—Dane Malko 14:52; 11—Beckam Settle 16:17; 12—Henry Dolson 16:18; 13—Sadie Rector 16:18; 14—Sebastian Hanks 16:27; 15—Noah Hill 16:32; 16—Aleczander Hanks 18:17; 17—Skade Quesnel 19:20.

Middle School Results

Boys—1— Ben Gross 12.45; 2—Kai VanBueren 13.05; 3—Zach Quesnel 13.11; 4—Wyatt Dunn 13.12; 5—Rayce Nelson 13.42; 6—Edyn Teigte 14.19; 7—Will Lamoureux 14.37; 8—Tristan Boloix 14.38; 9—Tucker Rector 15.03; 10—Hank Huntsman 15.36; 11—Luke Miller 15.58; 12—Orrie DeShields 16.08; 13—Henry Georgiades 16.18; 14—Abe Gross 16.20; 15—Felix Wilson 16.24; 16—Chris Perez 17.36; 17—p Caleo Morrison 17.39; 18—Sully Ferries 17.59; 19—McKay Wilson 18.04.

Girls—1 Ella Shaughnessy 14.11; 2—Mazzy Conners 14.41; 3—Sarah Olson 16.11; 4—Zoe Liberatone 16.53; 5—Tobie Stilling 17.05; 6—Sophie McMinn 17.11; 7—Abby Berner 17.39; 8—Rylee McMinn 18.23; 9—Essence Franz 18.31; 10—Lucy Jacoby 19.56; 11—Alyssa Huntsman 20.09; 12—Adynne Snell 21.40; 13—Isabella Perez 22.38.

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