The top three finishers

The top three finishers of Sunday’s sixth annual SkiTek Hyndman “Sufferfest” were, from left, Whit Albright, Miles Fink-Debray and Jason Mick.

After a long stretch of beautiful summer days, Sunday’s hail and windy weather greeted participants in the sixth annual Ski Tek-sponsored “Sufferfest” climb of Hyndman Peak.

Organizers opted for the better safe than sorry approach. They shortened the climb distance from 6.2 miles to 5.5 miles, and eliminated the final steep of rugged rock that rises to the 12,009-foot summit of Idaho’s ninth-highest peak.

Race winner for the fifth time was “Sufferfest” founder Miles Fink-Debray, 31. He finished the 4,000 vertical-foot ascent in 1.15:23, a winner by 4:42 over Jason Mick, 31. In third place was Whit Albright, 49, with a time of 1.27:00.

Women’s winner was Julie Heuett-Brown, 49, in 2.33:20.

Fink-Debray said, “We raced to the saddle due to very high winds and hail on the summit. We raced through the rain and it was 35 degrees on the upper part of the course making it quite an adventure! All in all, I’d say it turned out well.”

Ten climbers finished the course. Sponsoring the free race was Ski Tek of Ketchum.

Sunday’s race covered nearly 4,000 vertical feet, from Hyndman trailhead at 7,000 feet, to the 10,804-foot Wildhorse Saddle. Organizers said that only half the racers who signed up, actually showed up.

Here are the 2019 results, with place, racer name, age and finishing times in hours, minutes and seconds:

5.5 miles, 4,000 vertical-foot gain: 1—Miles Fink-Debray, 31, 1.15:53. 2—Jason Mick, 31. 1.20:35. 3—Whit Albright, 49, 1.27:00. 4—John Summers, 62, 1.44:05. 5—Santos Serva, 35, 1.44:30. 6—Wolfgang Kuhn, 69, 2.33:10. 7—Julie Heuett-Brown, 49, 2.33:20 (1st female). 8—Brent Heuett, 46, 2.34:21. 9—Robin Phillips, 46, 3.00:45. 10—Jessica Flammang, 43, 3.09:10 (2nd female). DNF—Hayden Burge, 26.

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