Brilliant sun greeted 56 alpine ski racers on Hailey’s Rotarun Ski Area slopes during Wednesday’s Week 4 version of the Sun Valley Budweiser Town Series of dual modified giant slalom races. Format for the first time was mandatory two runs.

Posting their third sub-1.00 point total and grabbing the overall lead with a cumulative 0.51 mark was the Just Flowers Dirty Hoes foursome featuring Tyler Corrock, Laura Stevenson, Anna Schimelpfenig and Taylor Rothgeb.

In second place with a 0.13 afternoon for a cumulative 1.29 was LOFT with Tyler Hanson, Tyler Jones and Drew Carlson. Irish Electric Dancing Bears (2.17) took over third place with Neil Jessen, Brian Shae, Brian Faires and Kevin Doyle.

Tag Spenst of The Cold Golds (33.59 seconds) continued as the race leader. Midway rabbit was Champe Kotara of Prestige World Wide Ski Team (28th overall, 42.06 seconds).

The 30th annual Sun Valley Town Series continues Feb. 24, and then returns to Baldy March 3 on Cozy and March 10 on Arc Park. Top 15 racers Wednesday were:

Week 4 top results

1—Tag Spenst (The Cold Golds) 33.59 seconds. 2—K.J. Savaria (Prestige World Wide Ski Team) 34.65. 3—Charlotte Gourlay (Chicks on Sticks) 35.71. 4—John Campbell (Wicked Slappers) 35.91. 5—Alex Hegewald (The Scorpion Nationalists) 35.99. 6—James Tautkus (The Cold Golds) 36.50.

7—John Summers (Let the Good Times Roll) 36.74. 8—Jack Harbottle (Downhill from Here) 37.33. 9—Sean Murphy (Downhill from Here) 37.70. 10—Buffalo Lamb (Let the Good Times Roll) 37.82. 11—Alex Jackson (Chicks on Sticks) 38.13. 12—David Reid (My Husband’s Nuts) 38.42. 13—Taylor Rothgeb (Just Flowers Dirty Hoes) 38.45. 14—Baird Gourlay (Roust-a-bouts) 38.65. 15—Daniel Hunt (Dan Hunt Construction) 38.69.

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