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Dudes 15-18 winner Hayden Mungall shows off for the crowd during Saturday’s skateboard contest at Guy Coles/Ketchum Skatepark.

“Always a great time!” said organizer Andy Gilbert about Saturday’s 17th Kinda Annual Skateboard Contest at Guy Coles/Ketchum Skatepark along Warm Springs Rd.

Twenty-five skaters took part and there was a great crowd watching them all day. “Big thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers,” said Gilbert.

 Sponsoring the contest were Board Bin, Dave Kelso and Quinn Baser, the City of Ketchum, Julian Tyo, and Gilbert’s Press Print House.

DJ Jason (Train) Spicer provided music for the Wild West Skateboard Series event. Powell Skateboards and The KSA were other supporters.

So were Cora Kaiser, Phebe Ericksen, Wilder Curtis, Luke Rizzo, Will Duval, Danger Dave and The Skunk Wrangler.

Results follow:

Open Class: 1—Clyde Montgomery. 2—Wilder Curtis. 3—Mikey Levy.

Best Dressed: Ethan Knoblauch.

Best Trick: Mikey Levy (Frontside Fingerflip Boneless).

Old Dudes 25-and-over: 1—“Danger” Dave Boldwin.

Dudes 19-24: 1—Tre Black.

Dudes 15-18: 1—Hayden Mungall. 2—Ethan Knoblauch.

Ages 15-18: 1—Jack Walker. 2—Julian Gluck. 3—Phebe Ericksen.

Ladies 11-and-over: 1—Cora Kaiser. 2—Phebe Ericksen.

Boys’ 11-14: 1—Ry Mann. 2—Jackie Webb. 3—Lucas Coggeshall.

Girls 10-and-under: 1—Claire Buchwalter. 2—Chloe Carr.

Boys 10-and-under: 1—Noah Robertson. 2—Taz McBride. 3—Barrett Beyer.

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