Wood River Valley cross-country skiers claimed a bunch of class podiums during Satur-day’s 17th annual Teton Ridge Classic races at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyo.

Class winners included Elizabeth Youngman, Linda McClatchy, Joan Scheingraber, Richard Feldman, Robert Youngman, Del Pletcher and the athlete who is in a category of his own, 93-year-old Charley French of Ketchum.

French finished the 7-kilometer course in seventh place overall, first in the 90-plus age class, in 1.52:22.

Scheingraber, 51, was the women’s winner by 82 seconds on the 14k (8.6-mile) course in 1.05:01, fifth overall and first in the Women’s 50-59 class.

University of Wyoming male Nordic skiers won the 24k (14.8-mile) and 14k races. They were Trevor Willoughby, 23, of Cas-per, Wyo. in 1.36:13 at 24k, and Matt Williams, 20, of Jackson Hole in 57:00. The women’s 24k winner was former Dartmouth College racer Julie Davenport, 31, of Salt Lake City in 1.48:05.

Wood River results included:

24 kilometer men: 8—Richard Feldman, 50, 1.44:32 (1st 50-54). 10—Wilhelm Northrop, 50, 1.47:00 (2nd 50-54). 14—Robert Youngman, 63, 1.48:55 (1st 60-64). 45—Del Pletcher, 75, 2.44:24 (1st 75-79).

24k women: 3—Elizabeth Youngman, 60, 1.53:08 (1st 60-64, 17th overall). 8—Kim Kawaguchi, 58, 2.10:30 (2nd 55-59, 37th overall). 9—Tricia Swartling, 54, 2.19:59 (2nd 50-54, 40th overall).

14k men: 27—James McClatchy, 67, 1.28:09 (2nd 60-69). 36—Robert Disbrow, 76, 1.46:04 (3rd 70-79). 42—Roger Miller, 76, 2.12:47 (6th 70-79).

14k women: 1—Joan Scheingraber, 51, 1.05:01 (1st 50-59, 5th overall). 13—Linda McClatchy, 71, 1.26:14 (1st 70-79).

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