Valley Club PGA Golf Director Jaime Sharp has put out the welcome mat for the 24th annual “Moose Madness” 45-hole Men’s Member-Guest golf tourney today, Wednesday through Saturday, July 13.

“Moose Madness” debuts today, Wednesday with a field of 120 men on 60 twosomes. There will be 10 flights with six teams in each flight over the course of the four-day 2019 event. Last year there were 96 players on a total 48 twosomes.

Winners will be decided the afternoon of Saturday, July 13 when four days of golf narrow down to a 12-team shootout settling the overall champions for the 2019 “Moose Madness” club tournament.

This year, the South and West courses will be the Moose Madness rotation with renovation work being completed on the club’s North course. Saturday’s Moose Race occurs on the South Course No. 9 hole.

Each twosome is comprised of a Valley Club member and their guest. Guests come from not only the valley but the entire country. There is an optional practice round Wednesday and the tournament begins Thursday, July 11.

Format is hole-by-hole, round-robin matches using a point system, with 10 flights of six teams each. Each team plays a total of five nine-hole match with the other five teams in their flight. Each team plays 18 holes Thursday, 18 Friday and nine Saturday.

 After the final nine-hole match Saturday morning, the flight winners (total points leaders) meet in the 12-team “Moose Race” shootout to determine the overall champs. Joining the 10 flight winners are two wild-card teams.

 The shootout format is true alternate shot. Each team chooses a player to tee off first, leaving the other player to tee off on the next round. Subsequently, each shot in the shootout is alternated between the playing partners.

On South No. 9, the men’s white tees are used for the 12-team opening test. Those five teams with the highest net scores will be eliminated, leaving seven teams. Next, using the men’s blue tees, the four teams with the highest net scores are gone, leaving three.

With three teams left from the No. 9 men’s black tees, the twosome with the highest net score is ousted. Finally, from the men’s blue tees, the finalist twosomes will charge up No. 9, with the team scoring the low net score reigning as 2019 Moose Madness champions.

Saturday evening is the “Bull Moose Party” awards gala where the champions and flight winners will be honored. The tourney includes skills challenge events like straightest drive, closest-to-the-pin and the putting contest.

The tournament committee features Jaime Sharp, Valley Club general manager Barry Bevers, along with Member-Guest tourney chairs Jack Dies and Jon Verhaeghe.

On the Rules Committee are Sharp, head golf professional Lucas Brick, Pro Emeritus Stoney Brown, and Valley Club assistant golf pros Eric Huus and Jake Hanson.

In recent years, family ties have been dominant in the final pairing for the club’s premier men’s member golf tournament. The winning Moose Madness trophy was claimed by brother-brother teams each July from 2014-17.

 Breaking the string last year was the high-wire act of Moose Madness winners Bob Crosby and Gary Lucas, an underdog wild-card team that made sensational shots down the homestretch to sneak away with the trophy.

 The runner-up team featured Valley Club member Richard Seigel and guest partner David Byrnes of The Ridge Club in Sandwich, Mass. In third place were member Jim Blandford and guest T.J. Blandford from White Mountain CC in Pinetop, Az.

Valley Club member Crosby returns this year, partnered again as defending champs with Lucas from Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco, Ca.

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