Express photo by Roland Lane

SVSEF first-year U-12 Wyatt Gilmour scoots past a gate during the second run of Saturday’s Monroe Cup giant slalom on Baldy.

Intermountain Division alpine ski racers ages 7-13 came to Baldy last weekend for three days of Monroe Cup North Series technical racing presented by the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.

Staged on Greyhawk and Hemingway ski runs, the Monroe Cup was a U-12 and U-10 qualifier for the Intermountain Division Championships set for Friday through Sunday, March 13-15 at Bogus Basin near Boise.

There were 184 racers competing including 58 from the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation. Chief of Race was Riley Berman.

Sun Valley’s second-year U-12 Jay Blackburn provided a local highlight winning Friday’s giant slalom by 0.54 seconds. Huxley Flood also enjoyed a solid weekend with three top-10 finishes.

Ruby Smith, another second-year SVSEF U-12, won Friday’s giant slalom by 6.50 seconds and then finished third in Saturday’s GS and second in Sunday’s slalom.

Overall winners were second-year U-12s Taylor Moe and Jaden D’Amours of the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club.

After a DNF Friday, D’Amours won the Saturday giant slalom by 2.45 seconds and captured Sunday’s slalom by 3.50 seconds.

Similarly, Moe went out on the first run in Friday’s GS, but stormed back for a 1.90-second GS victory on Saturday and 4.00-second slalom romp in the Sunday finale.

The following are best class finishes for the SVSEF kids in the field:

U-14 (ages 12-13) boys: Santiago Rico 1-GS; Jackson Wallace 2-GS.

U-14 girls: Ashelynn Roth 2-GS.

U-12 boys: Jay Blackburn 1-GS (1st overall), 9-SL; Huxley Flood 5-GS, 8-SL; Tommy Hovey 12-GS, 25-SL; Charlie Reid 13-GS, 19-SL; Espen Schernthanner 16-GS, 15-SL; Sawyer Morgan 18-GS; Wyatt Gilmour 20-GS, 16-SL; Harrison Black 33-GS; Zane Oliver 39-GS; Dominic Dulcich 40-GS, 29-SL; Sully Ferries 40-GS, 14-SL; Decker Sinnamon 42-GS, 31-SL; Colin McNichols 53-GS, 35-SL.

U-12 girls: Ruby Smith 1-GS (1st overall), 2-SL (2nd overall); Anna Pierre 5-GS (5th overall), 23-SL; Lily Larrabee 9-GS, 19-SL; Skye Pringle 11-GS; Leila McGrew 12-GS, 20-SL; Alyssa Huntsman 15-GS, 17-SL; Frances Goodyear 17-GS, 10-SL; Hadley Walker 19-GS, 22-SL; Ruby Thurston 22-GS, 25-SL; Tessa Lightner 24-GS, 6-SL; Alaska Sewell 25-GS, 27-SL; Elliot Leahy 26-GS, 15-SL; Ruby Campbell 27-GS; Skyler Jensen 27-GS, 21-SL; Anna Yuras 31-GS, 26-SL; Savanna McDonald 36-GS, 13-SL; Helen Hobbs 38-GS, 37-SL; Caroline Wright 39-GS, 34-SL; Elle Palmer 40-GS, 36-SL; Fleur Brazil 41-GS, 31-SL; Zoe Stern-Pre 47-GS, 32-SL; Nina Viesturs 48-GS; Isabel Rossellini 50-GS, 38-SL; Daisy Scales 51-GS, 39-SL; Margaret Bailey 55-GS, 45-SL; Hazel Andersen 64-GS, 48-SL.

U-10 (ages 8-9) boys: Declan O’Toole 1-GS (14th overall); Wyatt Limburg 1-GS, 4-SL; Charlie Pfau 8-GS, 7-SL; Henry Questad 9-GS, 8-SL; Jaxon McGrew 10-GS; Henry Flynn 11-GS; Kai Sammis 13-GS, 10-SL; Asher May 14-GS, 12-SL; Charles Dulcich 15-GS. Also racing was Jack Heinz.

U-10 girls: Bianca Smith 2-GS, 2-SL; Colette Duke 4-GS, 9-SL; Jasmine Smiley 5-GS, 8-SL; Galena McMahan 12-GS; Blakeslee Davis-Jeffers 13-GS; Camille Reid 16-GS; Eva Questad 24-GS, 18-SL.

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