Wood River Middle School runners

Wood River Middle School runners celebrate their achievements Thursday, Oct. 10 after the Hailey boys won the conference title and the girls placed third as a team in the Magic Valley Conference footrace at Lake Walcott.

     Led by individual medalist Satya Redman, the Wood River Middle School boys’ cross country team for runners in grades 6-8 won the Magic Valley Athletic Conference team title Thursday, Oct. 10 at Lake Walcott near Burley/Rupert.

     Wood River’s boys pulled off their first win at districts in four years, said coach Bill Cantrell. Hailey’s boys won over O’Leary of Twin Falls. The girls placed third in a tight race with Jerome, O’Leary’s girls winning.

     “Coach Jonah Torseth and I couldn’t be prouder of this group of boys and girls along with the dedication and positive energy they showed in preparation for this big day,” said Cantrell this week.

     The coach said that the boys peaked at the right time, and the girls showed future promise with sixth- and seventh-graders placing well.

     Redman closed out his middle school cross country career with a perfect record of winning each race he entered. Indeed, the top five Wood River boys all finished in the top 12. “It was a magical day for our boys,” said Cantrell.

     Top placings for Wood River at the conference meet:

     Boys: 1—Satya Redman. 5—Porter Thompson. 9—McCallen Campbell. 10—Dylan Smith. 12—Stratton Cunningham.

     23—Trace Alley. 26—Henry Page. 32—Simon Morgan. 33—Will Swink.

     Girls: 6—Frannie Perry. 8—Nora Runte. 12—Ava Agnew. 18—Hannah McLaren. 20—Mabel Thompson. 25—Manay Whitcomb. 27—Amelia Pfau.

     28—Larae Zimmerman. 32—Mylie Smith.

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