Sun Valley Youth Hockey (SVYH) staged its end-of-season celebration on Wednesday, March 11 and celebrated each team in the program. Scholarships awards were announced.

The SVYH board of directors voted upon the scholarship awards. The Board Award is granted to a senior player for use in the purchase of books during the first college year. Other grants go to tuition for the 2020-21 winter season.

Award recipients were:

• Board Award ($500): DJ Gralenski.

• Hutch Award ($500): Charlie Roberts.

• Chris Peterson Awards ($500 each): Gage Whitehead and Avery Burrell.

• Crosby Award ($500): Daisy Buxton.

• Midgets/High School—Most Valuable Player (MVP): DJ Gralenski. Most Improved Player (MIP): Deke Burrell. Coaches Award: Huck Sprong.

• U19 Girls—MVP: Grendel Sprong. MIP: Kelby Whitehead. Coaches Award: Penelope Weekes.

• Bantams (ages 13-14)—MVP: Corwith Simmers. MIP: Isaiah Miller. Coaches Award: Charlie Roberts.

• U14 Girls—MVP: Makinzie Nelson. MIP: Julia Sinnamon. Coaches Award: Lizzy Lipman.

• Pee Wees (11-12)—MVP: Benjamin Fenn. MIP: Simon Morgan. Coaches Award: Owen Tempest.

• Squirts (9-10): MVP: Caleb Kurtz. MIP: Taj Redman. Coaches Award: Leila McGrew.

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