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Spirit n’ Motion gymnasts Emilia Leon (left) and Laila Duke get ready for competition during the Idaho State Xcel Gymnastics Championships Saturday, March 23 at Wood River High School gym, Hailey.

Athletic School (SMAS) hosted the Idaho State Xcel Gymnastics Championships for hundreds of Idaho athletes Saturday and Sunday, March 23-24 at Wood River High gym, Hailey.

Sixteen of the SMAS kids posted impressive results. Spirit n’ Motion boasted its best team result in the 15-team Xcel Bronze division for beginner athletes on Saturday.

SMAS placed seventh of the 15 teams in that division with 111.650 all-around points including a second-ranked 28.350 points in floor exercise.

Leading the way for SMAS in the Senior C class was Sandra Regalado with a first-place 9.425 in floor, and Emilia Leon with a first-place 9.450 in the Junior C floor competition.

SMAS’s Laila Duke was second in Senior A floor exercise with a score of 9.475.

In Saturday’s Xcel Gold competition for Juniors 12-and-under, Ashley Carhuamaca placed second in Junior A for bars (9.150) and beam (9.225).

Top SMAS results by class:

Xcel Bronze: Emilia Leon 9.450 floor (1st), 9.250 beam (6th) and 37.075 all-around (6th) Junior C; Sandra Regalado 9.425 floor (1st), 9.375 beam (3rd) and 36.725 all-around (5th) in Senior C;

Victoria Garcia 9.000 floor (4th) and 9.350 vault (4th) in Junior B; Olive Craig 9.200 vault (5th) and 9.375 bars (6th) in Junior B; Laila Duke 9.475 floor (2nd) and 9.175 vault (7th) in Senior A.

Xcel Gold (Juniors 12-and-under): Ashley Carhuamaca 9.225 beam (2nd), 9.150 bars (2nd) and 36.250 all-around (3rd) in Junior A; Ceci Hess 9.575 bars (3rd) and 8.875 vault (6th) in Junior B; Nola Wilhelm 8.925 vault (6th) and 35.500 all-around (8th) in Junior C; Emily Hughston 8.850 vault (9th) and 8.575 beam (9th) in Junior A.

Xcel Silver Senior (Levels 2/3, 10-and-up): Savannah Byington 9.300 vault (3rd) and 36.850 all-around (4th) in Junior C.

Xcel Silver Junior (10-and-under): Fynley Norton 9.225 floor (3rd) and 36.575 all-around (5th) in Ch B; Aviella Buoncristiani 9.300 beam (3rd) and 36.500 all-around (4th) in Ch A; Joselyn Torres 8.950 vault (9th) and 8.850 floor (10th) in Ch C; Kyra Singh 9.400 bars (1st) and 9.275 (4th) in Ch A; Madelyn Torres 9.325 bars (6th) in Ch C.


SMAS gymnasts at Junior Olympics

Spirit n’ Motion had four athletes competing at the recent USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Idaho State Championships in Moscow.

Level 7 Katherine Shafer captured fourth place in all-around and was a state champion placing fifth on vault, second on balance beam and first place for floor. Level 7 Sydney Nickum finished ninth in all-around and was a sixth-place champion in bars.

Level 6s Shayne Burrell and Maria Gil Salinas each finished 10th in the all-around. Shayne was a third-place champion on vault and sixth-place champion on balance beam. Maria was a second-place champion for floor exercise and eighth-place champion on the bars.

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