Flows on the Wood and the Lost continue to be higher than average. Due to limited access, the areas that anglers can fish have been seeing a lot of pressure. The best approach is to stay dynamic in your tactics and fly selection. Also, keep looking for fresh water as the flows slowly come down; even with the high volume of anglers, you can still find an angler’s access that has no cars. In the process, remember to respect private property and sportsman’s rights.

SILVER CREEK—The fish on the Creek like to feed during the most comfortable times of the day. On cool days, the feeding time shifts to the late afternoon. As we move towards higher average temperatures in July, expect to see more feeding activity in the morning and the evening. Baetis (size 20-22) remain the strongest bug of the moment along with Callibaetis duns and spinners (size 16) and a few PMDs (size 16). Tricos should get going the second half of the month. Always have a good selection of Blue Damsels as well as beetles, ants, and small hoppers. In the evenings, be prepared for caddis as well as small PMDs. Of course, remember to bring along your bug spray.

BIG WOOD RIVERGreen Drakes continue to hatch in the afternoon throughout the river. The fish tend to be selective in the late stages of this hatch, so keep a selection of Drakes in you fly box in you find picky fish. If you don’t see Drakes, search the margins with smaller dries or an attractor with a trailing nymph. For the deep, fast water, try a tandem nymph rig with an indicator or Euro Style. I said it last week and it is worth repeating…please approach the Wood with caution and wade conservatively.

WARM SPRINGS AND TRAIL CREEK—If you are looking for an alternative to the high water of the Wood, then a trip up Warm Spring or Trail Creek may be just the solution. These creeks are still high as well, but dropping every day. Fish and Game stocks these rivers around the bridges and anywhere the rivers near the road. If you wish to seek wild fish, just leave the beaten path and explore. Expect to see a nice mix of bug activity: Green Drakes, PMDs, Pink Alberts, caddis and small stone flies.

UPPER BIG LOST RIVER—The flows remain high and wading on the main stem is extremely dangerous. Fishing on the upper reaches of the various tributaries can be done, but expect to find only a few areas slow enough to hold fish and drift a fly.

BIG LOST BELOW MACKAY—The flows are too high to wade fish but appear to be dropping. Once we see flows around 350 CFS it will be game on.

SALMON RIVER—The floating is prime and the fish are eager to eat big dries. The walk and wade options remain limited but can be done if you are willing to move around. The river has been stocked around the camp grounds and you will find a good number of rainbows, cutthroat, and whitefish, maybe even a bull trout.

SOUTH FORK OF THE BOISE—This should be the week that the Salmon flies really explode. With flows holding steady, fishing from a drift boat should be perfect. In the evening, be sure to have plenty of Caddis.

LOCAL PONDS—Gavers Lagoon, Penny and Lake Creek ponds have been stocked and would make a great location for a family picnic.

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