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Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation alpine racer Marit Kaiser looks downhill during the second slalom run of Saturday’s Sun Valley Open Series technical race.

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation alpine ski racers had a lot to brag about when the Sun Valley FIS Open Series wrapped up Wednesday on a bluebird Baldy day.

U-19 Dasha Romanov of SVSEF won back-to-back women’s giant slaloms by 0.74 seconds and 1.92 seconds Tuesday and Wednesday after claiming the National Junior women’s slalom title Monday.

Her teammate Merumo Ishimaru was on fire in giant slalom, posting the fastest second run in Tuesday’s GS to make it close with Romanov. Ishimaru was fourth in Wednesday’s GS finale on Hemingway/Greyhawk.

For the SVSEF men, Buey Grossman came on strong in Tuesday’s Greyhawk GS, in fourth-place overall and second among U-19s.

Hosted by the SVSEF, the five-day series attracted about 150 skiers, most of them in the U-19 class.

SVSEF FIS head coach Nate Schwing said, “For this series, the snow surface was very challenging—with rain Saturday night and freezing temperatures, we had the firmest and slickest conditions we have seen all year.

“Sun Valley Company’s support and professionalism throughout the week has been integral in the execution of a successful race series, especially given the conditions.”

He added, “The Western Region holds just five FIS Open and Elite events each season. Hosting this high-caliber race series meant increased local economic vitality, with parents, families, teams and coaches eating, staying and playing in the Wood River Valley.

“We’ve had amazing volunteers. SVSEF has been fortunate to have three series in a row at home, which has been huge. Volunteers and coaches who gave up their weekends make this possible.”

Unique to the tech series was having two GS courses.

“Sun Valley Company has been very supportive in that they gave us three race venues, with two options for GS. It allowed us to give each gender their own course, instead of having men run after women, which happens at other Western Region Open series,” said Schwing.

SVSEF Alpine FIS athletes travel next to Jackson Hole, Wyo. for Western Region Jr. Championships.

Top results and SVSEF placings for the final two days on Baldy were:

Wednesday, women’s GS: 1—Dasha Romanov 2:07.73. 2—Sophia Tozzi (Jackson Hole) 2:09.65. 4—Merumo Ishimaru of Japan. 7—Marit Kaiser. 9—Anhwei Kirk. 11—Sage Curtis (Proctor Academy). 16—Carly Walther-Porino. 19—Minea Hamalainen of Finland. 22—Falon Hanna. 30—Peyton Sundberg (55 starters, 33 finishers). DNF—Ella Kopplin, Lola Street, Kaija Dybdahl, Sophia Bury of Canada.

Wednesday, men’s GS on Warm Springs: 1—Jeremy Mathers (Snowbird) 2:01.78. 12—Buey Grossman (10th U-19). 14—Bennett Snyder (Team Clif Racing Academy, 11th U-19). 23—Gunnar Barnwell (20th U-19). 28—Charlie Snyder (25th U-19). 30—Nathan Gowe (27th U-19). 39—Lucas Parekh (36th U-19). 42—William Paquette of Canada (39th U-19). 50—Tucker Scroggins (4th U-21). (80 starters, 66 finishers). DNF—Ridley Lindstrom, Cassell Lefevre, Finn Mallinen.

Tuesday, women’s GS on Warm Springs: 11—Dasha Romanov 2:10.53. 2—Merumo Ishimaru 2:11.27. 6—Sage Curtis (Proctor). 9—Anhwei Kirk. 11—Marit Kaiser. 13—Carly Walther-Porino. 18—Kaija Dybdahl. 24—Minea Hamalainen. 29—Falon Hanna. 31—Peyton Sundberg. 35—Lola Street (60 starters, 43 finishers). DNF—Sophie Bury, Ella Kopplin.

Tuesday, men’s GS: 1—Dawson Yates (Team Clif) 2:00.40. 4—Buey Grossman (2nd U-19). 9—Yuri McClure (PSU). 11—Gunnar Barnwell (7th U-19). 24—Oliver Brockway (19th U-19). 25—Charlie Snyder (20th U-19). 33—Nathan Gowe (28th U-19) (86 starters, 48 finishers). DNF—Ridley Lindstrom, Lucas Parekh, Finn Mallinen, William Paquette, Tucker Scroggins, Cassell Lefevre.

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