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On the Cirque Series podium for Sport Men on Saturday at River run are, from left, second-place Peter Wolter, 20, of Hailey and Middlebury College, class winner Steve Oler, 15, of Draper, Utah, and third-place Ryan Hansen, 26, of Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite his relative youth, Oler clocked the eighth-best time of all 197 finishers.

A beautiful morning for a Baldy run and close finishes among Pro and Expert classes highlighted Saturday’s Sun Valley Discrete Cirque Series 9.6-mile endurance races with 3,420 feet of elevation gain.

Competitors apparently enjoyed this year’s course that started and finished at River Run, compared to last year’s longer distance that started and finished at Warm Springs.

More Wood River Valley racers than ever took part. The 50 Wood River racers comprised 25% of the total field.

Ketchum’s Morgan Arritola, who finished second among Pro Women, said, “It was great to have so many local faces as we are lacking trail runs that showcase all of the amazing trails we have.

“Race director Julian Carr and his team do a great job and having the event at River Run was so great. Sun Valley was really great to let that happen.”

Defending Sun Valley Pro Women’s champion Arritola, 33, a member of this year’s USA Track and Field Mountain Running Team, won the first two Cirque Series women’s races this summer at Brighton and Alta in Utah.

Saturday, Arritola (1.27:58) averaged 8 minutes and 53 seconds per mile and finished second, 1:54 behind Grayson Murphy, 24, of Salt Lake City. Murphy’s time of 1.26:04 was the sixth-best of all runners. Arritola was ninth overall.

Afterwards, Arritola was realistic. She said, “It was a challenging race in many ways. Mentally I was not present and almost didn’t race so I am very proud of the effort. I think people get caught up in winning and expectations and sport does not work in a linear fashion.”

In the Pro Women’s season standings, Arritola has 144 points in her three events to rank second behind leader Erin Storck, 28, of Salt Lake City (174 points). Storck placed fourth Saturday in 1.43:20, about 16 minutes behind Pro Women’s leaders.

Winning the steepest and longest of all the summer mountain runs on the 2019 Discrete Cirque Series was Joseph Demoor, 29, of Carbondale, Co. in 1.19:20 (8:01 per mile), two minutes ahead of Stephen Mulherin, 25.

Now with 164 points, Jackson Hole, Wyo. athlete Mulherin (1.21:17) pulled ahead of previous Cirque Series Pro Men’s leader Joseph Gray, 35, of Colorado Springs (150), who didn’t race at Sun Valley.

Ketchum’s renowned hill climber Miles Fink-Debray, 31, placed fifth among Pro Men in 1.34:54. And Hailey’s Alexa Turzian was sixth among Pro Women in 1.45:32.

The top three Expert Men were separated by only 35 seconds in a race won by Ti Donaldson, 19, of Fairbanks, Ak. in 1.24:55. Jackson Hole’s Lori Solem, 34, captured Expert Women in 1.39:57. Locals Sarah Forzley (1.46:42) and Mary Rose (1.50:28) placed 5-6.

Hailey’s Peter Wolter, 20, placed second in the 74-racer Sport Men class in 1.33:36. Other local top-10 finishers in classes were Danny Graves, Kim Taylor and Julie Cord.

Wolter is tied for ninth place in the Sport Men season standings with 44 points.

A total 18 local mountain runners earned class podiums including six in first place, six in second and six in third.

Class winners were Morgan Arritola, Whit Albright, Ted Stout, Peter Wolter, Kim Taylor and Elizabeth Kaiser. In second were Miles Fink-Debray, Sarah Forzley, Julie Cord, Lili Hansen, Thomas Smiley and Angela Burrell.

Former UCLA and Atlanta Falcons head football coach Jim Mora, 57, placed third among Sport Men racers, along with other third placers Alexa Turzian, Mary Rose, Kurt Eggers, Ashley Hunter and Amanda Breen.

The Baldy course started at River Run Plaza (elevation 5,760 feet) and climbed up Lower River Run and Canyon ski runs to Roundhouse (7,680 feet elevation).

Runners ages 15-64 descended the service road to Seattle Ridge and resumed their climb up Broadway Run to Bald Mountain Ridge.

They had views of five mountain ranges from the ridge on their run over to Lookout Restaurant atop Baldy (9,150 feet).

From there they linked into the Bald Mountain Trail so familiar to Baldy hikers, and descended 3,100 feet through trees that offered welcome shade after the sun-baked assault on Baldy’s summit.

Prize money offered in the Pro Division was $1,000 for first place, $300 for second and $200 for third. Merchandise prizes for first- through third-places in the Expert class were $400, $300 and $200, and in Sport are $300, $200 and $100.

The 197-racer turnout for this year’s race exceeded last year’s inaugural Sun Valley Cirque Series race by 21 racers, chiefly due to an uptick in Sport Class from 105 to 140.

Arritola plans to run with the U.S. team Nov. 15-16 in the 2019 World Mountain Running Championships at Neuquen, Argentina in the Villa La Angostura region of that country.

She also plans to enter the USATF Mountain Running Championships Sept. 29 at Waterville Valley, N.H.

Arritola said, “I don’t have a set training plan through the fall. I’m getting older as a runner and I’m not a professional, full-time runner so sometimes life takes precedence over training. I just try to be as consistent as possible.”

Final 2019 Discrete Cirque Series race this summer is Sept. 7 on an 8.7-mile course with 3,566 vertical feet of elevation at Snowbird, Utah.

The following are top-five results with hometowns for each division, along with Wood River Valley finishers and their overall placings and class finishes.

For complete results, visit cirqueseries.com/sunvalley and click on the results link:



14 racers (7 female, 7 male)

Women: 1—Grayson Murphy, 24, Salt Lake City 1.26:04. 2—Morgan Arritola, 33, Ketchum 1.27:58 (1st 30-39). 3—Kristen Findley, 28, Cottonwood Heights, Utah 1.38:14. 4—Erin Storck, 28, Salt Lake City 1.43:20. 5—Selina Sekulic, 34, Salt Lake City 1.43:52.

6—Alexa Turzian, 31, 1.45:32 (3rd 30-39).

Men: 1—Joseph Demoor, 29, Carbondale, Co. 1.19:20. 2—Stephen Mulherin, 25, Jackson, Wyo. 1.21:17. 3—Jack Levitt, 24, Salt Lake City 1.26:09. 4—Anatoliy Zharkikh, 34, Cottonwood Heights, Utah 1.34:27. 5—Miles Fink-Debray, 31, Ketchum 1.34:54 (2nd 30-39).



43 racers (11 female, 32 male)

Women: 1—Lori Solem, 34, Jackson, Wyo. 1.39:57. 2—Gretchen Hurlbutt, 41, Boise 1.41:19. 3—Hailey Karg, 27, Salt Lake City 1.41:55. 4—Zoey Freebairn, 24, Sandy, Utah 1.42:08. 5—Sarah Forzley, 31, Hailey 1.46:42 (2nd 30-39).

6—Mary Rose, 28, 1.50:28 (3rd 20-29). 10—Natalia Ferris, 33, 2.34:12 (4th 30-39).

Men: 1—Ti Donaldson, 19, Fairbanks, Ak. 1.24:55. 2—Simon Zink, 21, Steamboat Springs, Co. 1.25:14. 3—Erik Wingfield, 23, Salt Lake City 1.25:30. 4—Neil Bangs, 36, Boise 1.29:38. 5—Tucker Hoefler, 20, Park City, Utah 1.32:37.

12—Gardner Cord, 26, 1.40:32 (7th 20-29). 13—Whit Albright, 49, 1.40:47 (1st 40-49). 15—Keith Wilson, 34, 1.46:43 (4th 30-39). 21—Ted Stout, 56, 2.04:54 (1st 50-59). 28—Hayden Burdge, 26, 2.23:29 (11th 20-29). 29—Kurt Eggers, 54, 2.26:28 (3rd 50-59).



140 racers (66 female, 74 male)

Women: 1—Audrey Urlacher, 27, Boise 1.51:20. 2—Bonnie Kaminsky, 29, Salt Lake City 1.54:29. 3—Madeline Murphy, 24, Murray, Utah 1.56:23. 4—Kianna Wika, 25, Salt Lake City 1.56:35. 5—Kelsey Barale, 35, Oakland, Ca. 1.59:13.

8—Kim Taylor, 54, 2.06:40 (1st 50-59). 10—Julie Cord, 52, 2.08:14 (2nd 50-59). 11—Lili Hansen, 32, 2.12:23 (2nd 30-39). 12—Morgan Hudgins, 29, 2.12:43 (7th 20-29).

17—Ashley Hunter, 51, 2.17:50 (3rd 50-59). 18—Kate Everson, 38, 2.18:02 (5th 30-39). 20—Madeline Martin, 24, Stanley 2.19:19 (11th 20-29). 21—Angela Burrell, 41, 2.22:02 (2nd 40-49). 24—Elizabeth Kaiser, 19, 2.24:24 (1st 1-19).

29—Amanda Breen, 46, 2.26:40 (3rd 40-49). 32—Windi Stocking, 35, 2.27:20 (9th 30-39). 37—Becca Bitler, 24, 2.32:31 (16th 20-29). 39—Erin Dorr, 38, 2.34:22 (12th 30-39). 42—Abby Mills, 33, 2.36:28 (14th 30-39). 43—Brenna Bray, 35, 2.38:20 (15th 30-39). 55—Ann Keenan, 30, 3.07:17 (22nd 30-39). 56—Veronica Lopez, 30, 3.07:19 (23rd 30-39).

Men: 1—Steve Oler, 15, Draper, Utah 1.27:36. 2—Peter Wolter, 20, Hailey 1.33:36 (1st 20-29). 3—Ryan Hansen, 26, Salt Lake City 1.37:26. 4—Ries Tveit, 16, Salt Lake City 1.38:02. 5—Tanner Olson, 27, Salt Lake City 1.39:09.

10—Danny Graves, 21, 1.44:47 (6th 20-29). 16—Nicholas Weber, 25, 2.01:05 (9th 20-29). 19—Thomas Smiley, 40, 2.05:24.22 (2nd 40-49). 20—Sheldon Frank, 30, 2.05:24.86 (4th 30-39). 29—Santos Serva, 35, 2.11:02 (9th 30-39). 30—Adam Driscoll, 33, 2.11:06 (10th 30-39). 31—Jeffrey Anderson, 37, 2.11:41 (11th 30-39).

38—Jim Mora, 57, 2.21:18 (3rd 50-59). 39—Justin Highhouse, 31, 2.21:39 (13th 30-39). 43—Kyle Lubeck, 31, 2.25:24 (16th 30-39). 45—James Ruttler, 41, 2.26:29 (5th 40-49). 52—Jacob Watson, 20, 2.34:58 (21st 20-29). 54—Ryan Weninger, 30, 2.36:49 (18th 30-39).

57—Mark Pattison, 57, 2.39:30 (6th 50-59). 58—Scott Pertel, 40, 2.39:31 (9th 40-49). 59—Nathan Hart, 38, 2.40:52 (20th 30-39). 67—Todd Dean, 51, 2.54:45 (8th 50-59). 70—Joshua Latimer, 28, 2.56:58 (23rd 20-29). 71—Spencer Brendel, 30, 3.04:30 (26th 30-39). 72—Teton Brown, 30, 3.04:31 (27th 30-39).

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