Three fast teams led by Chicks on Sticks are in a dead heat for the top spot after Week 4 of the Sun Valley Budweiser Town Series on the Warm Springs side of Baldy.

On Wednesday, Chicks on Sticks featuring Charlotte Gourlay, Alex Jackson, Christy Luby and Kristen Derrig chalked up their third 0.00 score of the 29th annual series of dual modified giant slalom team races.

Right behind the 0.00 Chicks cumulative score are Rainbow Rat Pack at 0.11 with Alan Rickers, John Summers, Buffalo Lamb and Dan Kurdy, and SkiTek Mavericks at 0.16 with Matt Murphy, Sean Murphy, Maureen Murphy and Chris Key.

Tag Spenst of The Cold Golds returned this week for another top-ranked run, this one 31.56 seconds in the format of mandatory two runs. Racing occurred on the NASTAR hill, with the party at Lefty’s.

Midway rabbit among 61 racers on a sunny day was Dave Watkins of Down Hill from Here (31st, 41.12 seconds).

The Sun Valley Town Series of Wednesday races continues through March. Watkins Distributing of Twin Falls sponsors along with Sun Valley Company. Other dates are:

Feb. 19 and Feb. 26; and the finals March 18 (combined 2-run). Here are the top 20 racers in Wednesday’s two-run format, teams in parentheses:

1—Tag Spenst (The Cold Golds) 31.56 seconds. 2—Nick Stenicka (The Cold Golds) 32.43. 3—Charlotte Gourlay (Chicks on Sticks) 33.18. 4—Matt Murphy (SkiTek Mavericks) 33.41. 5—Toby Eagan (The Cold Golds) 33.75.

6—John Campbell (My Son’s Nuts) 34.01. 7—John Summers (Rainbow Rat Pack) 34.98. 8—Ryon Campbell (My Son’s Nuts) 35.17. 9—Alan Rickers (Rainbow Rat Pack) 35.31. 10—Jack Harbottle (Down Hill from Here) 36.23.

11—Buffalo Lamb (Rainbow Rat Pack) 36.44. 12—Sean Murphy (SkiTek Mavericks) 36.50. 13—Dan Kurdy (Rainbow Rat Pack) 36.73. 14—Tyler Hanson (LOFT) 36.80. 15—Steve Heiderich (Roust-A-Bouts) 36.84.

16—Ben Chidlaw (Two Feathers) 37.30. 17—Mark Masur (Two Feathers) 37.66. 18—Tyler Corrock (Hailey Auto Clinic Hot Rods) 37.85. 19—Scott Larrabee (My Son’s Nuts) 38.09. 20—Maureen Murphy (SkiTek Mavericks) 38.39.

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