Chicks on Sticks and SkiTek Mavericks pulled ahead with 0.00 results and two-week 0.00 totals in Wednesday’s 59-racer Sun Valley Budweiser Town Series competition on Hemingway and Greyhawk.

Charlotte Gourlay of Chicks on Sticks blasted the course with the second-ranked 17.99 seconds, close behind Wednesday’s leader Nick Stenicka (17.54) of The Cold Golds.

Placing 3-4-5-6 among the 17 teams and staying under the 1.00 score after two weeks were Rainbow Rat Pack, Ski-Eat-Drink and Be-Merry, Roust-A-Bouts and Apple’s.

Irish Electric Bears, in seventh place, and Two Feathers in eighth place also posted 0.00 results to climb in the top-10. Irish Electric Bears have won three of the last six Town Series team championships.

Midway rabbit Wednesday for a second straight week was Chris Key of SkiTek Mavericks (29th, 21.73). Format was best-of-two runs on the dual modified giant slalom course.

The 29th annual Sun Valley Town Series of Wednesday races continues through March. Other dates for the 29th annual Town Series of dual modified giant slalom races over seven weeks:

Feb. 12 (mandatory combined 2-run event); Feb. 19 and Feb. 26; and the finals March 18 (combined 2-run).

Here are the top 20 racers in Wednesday’s best-of-two runs format, teams in parentheses:

1—Nick Stenicka (The Cold Golds) 17.54 seconds. 2—Charlotte Gourlay (Chicks on Sticks) 17.99. 3—John Campbell (My Son’s Nuts) 18.23. 4—James Tautkus (The Cold Golds) 18.39. 5—Matt Murphy (SkiTek Mavericks) 18.41. 6—Ryon Campbell (My Son’s Nuts) 18.76. 7—Alan Rickers (Rainbow Rat Pack) 18.81. 8—John Summers (Rainbow Rat Pack) 19.23. 9—Sean Murphy (SkiTek Mavericks) 19.27. 10—Dan Kurdy (Rainbow Rat Pack) 19.56.

11—Maureen Murphy (SkiTek Mavericks) 19.72. 12—Ben Chidlaw (Two Feathers) 20.00. 13—Steve Heiderich (Roust-A-Bouts) 20.16. 14—Tyler Hanson (LOFT) 20.25. 15—Tyler Corrock (Hailey Auto Clinic Hot Rods) 20.65. 16—Jack Harbottle (Down Hill from Here) 20.74. 17—Dave Watkins (Down Hill from Here) 20.76. 18—Neil Jessen (Irish Electric Dancing Bears) 20.85. 19—Dave Harrison (Ski-Eat-Drink and Be-Merry) 21.01. 20—Buffalo Lamb (Rainbow Rat Pack) 21.03.

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