The virtual version of the 2021 Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour wrapped up last week with an unconventional celebration. In the spirit of the event, everyone shared a piece of the prize. With the exception of the Best Costume award, all awards were determined by raffle drawings.

While there of course were rightful winners of the Youngest, Oldest and Fastest categories, the true winner of each was left up to chance.

Best Costume: Team Breadcrumb.

BMT Oldest: Nancy Fichter.

BMT Youngest: Isla Sundby.

Most BMT Swag: Kurt Dudley.

Team Spirit: “No Pressure.”

15-Kilometer Pacesetter: Lizzy Albin.

30-Kilometer Pacesetter: Brian Elkins.

Below are the day-by-day pacesetters in each category.

BMT Leaderboard 2021

(Day-by-Day Pacesetters)


Monday—Alan Hehr, Jim Boyle, Becky Boyle, Michael D. Stadnisky, Sarah Goble, Liv Jensen, Michael Danahy.

Tuesday—Kyle Oldemeyer, Alyce Pearce, Randal A. Machado.

Wednesday—Courtney Hamilton, Alli Beatty, David Slette.

Thursday—Sage Reuter, Scott Smallwood, Norm Ploss, David Hoversland, Hannah Smay, Adam Angel.

Friday—Eric Colton, Wesley Steen, James Collins, Casey Jowers, Katie Feldman, Michael Curtin, Brian Elkins, Silas Talbot, Mark Donavan, Michael Bazylewicz.

Saturday—Ernest Matthew Finney-Jordet, Cody McCabe, Michael Hamilton, Joseph Jensen, Eri Crum, Kyle Rafford.

Sunday—Aidan Jacobus, Kurt Sable, Annika Landis, Steve Marx, Emily Siegel, Peter Wolter, Leah Lange.


Monday—Olin Slette, Stratton Cunningham, Ben Lawrence, Pamela Fitzsimmons.

Tuesday—Reed Boeger, Malcolm Daly, Wendy Rector, Sadie Rector,

Tucker Rector.

Wednesday—Bronwen Raff, Michael Joseph Nagro Jr., Kate McPherson.

Thursday—Jim Wood, Anna Wood, Bastian Wrede, Cayman Seacrest.

Friday—Maya Hunter, Doak Bailey, Jeff Fereday, Susan Lisagor.

Saturday—Jack Hardy, Kate Hardy, Lizzy Albin, Leslie Howa, Ella Cuneo,

Shayla DeVisser.

Sunday—Ivan Jensen, Luca Finegan, Rachael Bazzett.


Monday—Linda M Lynch (75), Ralph Johnson (72).

Tuesday—Nancy Fichter (72), Ron Stradiotto (73), Gary Fichter (73).

Wednesday—Thomas Frey (85), Kathy Gibson (66).

Thursday—Charley French (94), Jenny Busdon (78).

Friday—Sam East (80), Hans Muehlegger (80), Cathy Whinnery (71).

Saturday—Terry Berry (76), Leslie Howa (70).

Sunday—Roger Miller (77), Laurie Leman (67).


Monday—Austen Slette (10), Molly Jacoby (7).

Tuesday—Tucker Rector (11), Sadie Rector (14).

Wednesday—Bastian Wrede (9), Tessa Dondero (10), Lilah Bicas-Dolgen (10).

Thursday—Payton Daley-Scheingraber (9), Kinley Letson (8).

Friday—Jed Schmidt (8), Nina O’Sullivan (8), Isla Sundby (8).

Saturday—Jude Benson (9), Torin Vandenburgh (12).

Sunday—Savannah Halvorsen (5), Chasyn Halvorsen (8), Max Smith (8).

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