Camas Filbert

Wood River freshman Camas Filbert takes a turn at Grand Targhee on Saturday on her way to sixth-place in the ninth-grade girls’ high school race. Her teammates Paige DeHart and Lila Hess placed 1-2.

     Wood River High School’s girls won three of the four events and sparked the Hailey team to the Division 1 team title of Saturday’s Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League (IICL) event in eastern Idaho.

     Competition in the Grand Targhee “Charge” attracted 604 racers—321 in the high school races and another 283 in the middle school events. Of that total, Wood River entered 36 high school and 35 in the middle school races Saturday.

     Anja Jensen (1.04:28) won the three-lap girls’ varsity race by seven seconds over Annika Peacock of Jackson Hole (Wyo.) Composite.

     Luci Ludwig of Wood River captured Female Junior Varsity 1 by 32 seconds, while Paige DeHart and Lila Hess placed 1-2 in Freshman Girls.

     Their effort helped lift Wood River (4,162 points Saturday) to the nine-team Division 1 team title by 119 points over second-place Pocatello Pioneers/Highland High (4,043). In third place was Boise Braves (4,005) with Jackson Hole (3,932) fourth.

     Not competing because of its bye week was McCall Composite, likely to be a contender for the overall team title. In two races so far, Wood River’s squad now holds the overall team lead with 8,262 points, Highland with 8,143.

     Other top-10 bikers at Targhee were Camas Filbert, Parker Boyd, Malia Foley, Ashley Eggers, Galen Grohusky, Zander Douglas, Clayton Elsbree, Griffin Connelly, Zane Lyon, Blake DeHart and Elias Svennungsen.

     Middle School eighth-grader Oliver Smith won his second straight race, by 22 seconds. Ruby Smith added the sixth-grade girls’ victory by 1:13. Wyatt Dunn captured the seventh-grade Grade B boys’ race in a photo finish.

     The “Galena Gallop” on the Galena Lodge trail system 23 miles north of Ketchum is the next IICL event Saturday, Sept. 14. High school girls begin the day at 9 a.m., followed by middle school boys (10:45 a.m.) and girls (11:25 a.m.), and high school varsity boys at 12:30 p.m.

     Top Wood River results for Grand Targhee “Charge”:



     Division 1 teams: 1—Wood River 4,162 points. 2—Pocatello Pioneers/Highland High 4,043. 3—Boise Braves 4,005. 4—Jackson Hole Composite 3,932 (9 teams).

     Female varsity: 1—Anja Jensen (by 7 seconds) (3 laps).

     Male varsity: 3—Zane Lyon. 9—Blake DeHart. 10—Elias Svennungsen.19—Sebastian Radl-Jones (4 laps).

     Female JV 2: 4—Malia Foley. 6—Ashley Eggers. 15—Paige DeShields. 22—Kaia Wolfrom.

     Male JV 2: 56—Shane Kelsey. 58—Daniel Ziesing. 61—Ashton Rinehart. 68—Jesse Keefe.

     Female JV 1: 1—Luci Ludwig (by 32 seconds).

     Male JV 1: 7—Griffin Connelly. 16—Hayden Wilson. 20—Ramsey Marquis. 41—Wylie Zellers. 47—Fynn Nasvik-Dykhouse. 57—Sebastian Hanks.

     Female freshman: 1—Paige DeHart (by 44 seconds). 2—Lila Hess. 6—Camas Filbert. 8—Parker Boyd. 12—Eloise Pendl-Hebert. 17—Aisley Grohusky. 25—Skade Quesnel.

     Male freshman: 2—Galen Grohusky. 6—Zander Douglas. 9—Clayton Elsbree. 15—Rabbit Buston. 24—Lucas Savage. 27—Dane Malko. 42—Brock Burrell. 53—Daniel Riggs. 56—David Mandeville.



     8th grade Grade A boys: 1—Oliver Smith (winner by 22 seconds). 3—Dexter Morrison. 9—Spencer Ferries. 25—Gavin Smart.

    8th grade Grade B boys: 2—Wyatt Vandiver. 4—Finn Wolfrom. 5—Owen Thompson. 6—Dylan Benson. 9—Lucas Smith.

    8th grade Grade C boys: 13—Ryan Sandoz. 19—Aleczander Hanks. 27—Noah Hill. 31—Noah Wright.

     8th grade girls: 2—Sadie Rector. 15—Lillian Snell.

     7th grade Grade A boys: 9—Wyatt Crego. 10—Zach Quesnel. 12—Ben Gross. 24—Rayce Nelson. 31—Orrie DeShields.

     7th grade Grade B boys: 1—Wyatt Dunn. 3—Chris Perez. 23—Luke Miller. 27—McKay Wilson.

     7th grade girls: 8—Lowie Watkins. 17—Rylee McMinn. 24—Essence Franz.

     6th grade boys: 5—Kai VanBueren. 14—Liam Jensen. 37—Hank Huntsman. 42—Tristan Boloix.

     6th grade girls: 1—Ruby Smith (winner by 1:13). 17—Alyssa Huntsman. 21—Liv Herlinger. 27—Isabella Perez.

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