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The Sun Valley Community School has announced its annual All-School awards, given this year without an in-person ceremony but in a message to families of the school.

SVCS Head of School Ben Pettit wrote in his message, excerpted here, “Our students have achieved great things. They have learned, they have stretched and they have grown…..”

Pettit ended, “There is no award for how one handles a pandemic situation, but if there were, our community would have to be in the running for it. Thank you for a great year and for being Sun Valley Community School Cutthroats!”

Fond faculty farewells went to Gary Brendel and Juliana Newman of the Upper School, and Lisa Dirksmeier and Charlie Lewallen of the Early Childhood Center.

Award recipients follow, led by National Merit Scholarship recipient Johnny Hagenbuch:

Memorable year for Cutthroats

Sun Valley Center for the Arts Student Scholarships: Rye Fruehling (Jack Thornton Memorial); Julia Ott, Emma Desserault, Bridgette Silva and Ethan Hunt (Arts and Humanities); and Jasper Mott (Gay Weake Honorary grant).

Shea Brokaw received The Beaupre Award, the school’s oldest honor first given in 1977.

Peyton Sundberg won the Bill Benjamin Memorial Scholarship for Senior Project Proposals. Tallulah Gilbreath earned the 30th Dixie Grabos Memorial Award for the literature and writing.

Emily Boettger accepted the Head of School Award for spirit, involvement, school betterment and citizenship. Carly Walther-Porino earned the Trophy Sagebrush Award for imagination.

Jasper Mott and Sophie Harder collected the 29th Tom Johnson Memorial Scholarship Award for excellence in performing arts.

Sophie Harder won the Klingelhofer Senior Speech award. Merumo Ishimaru claimed the Laura S. Flood Memorial Award. Emily Boettger received the Murphy-Carson Family Award.

Kohler Wood and Sophie Harder were graduating winners of the Peggy and Sigi Engl Memorial Achievement Awards for students at each grade who improve through hard work and determination.

Other recipients of the Engl awards by grade were:

Junior class—Willie DeWolfe and Jamie More. Sophomore class—Paola Alvarado and Shaw McCoubrey. Freshman class—Anabel Viesturs and Hank Moss;

Eighth grade—Elizabeth Dahlen and Isabelle Phillips. Seventh grade—Josie Sarchett and Ry Mann. Sixth grade—Frances Goodyear and Eliza Zimmer.

Memorial awards

Upper School memorial scholarships included:

 Keith Moore Memorial Scholarship—Julia Ott.

 Gary Black Jr. Memorial Award—Anhwei Kirk.

 David M. Dorward Memorial Scholarship—Julia Ott.

 Tom Bloomfield Memorial Scholarship—Nils Huss.

 Detwiler Family Memorial Scholarship—Willie DeWolfe.

 Frederick Chandler ’90 Memorial Scholarship—Maria Mendoza.

 Nick Crosby Athlete of the Year Award—Johnny Hagenbuch.

 Greg Allison Memorial Scholarship—Caelin Bradshaw.

Middle School memorial grants went to:

 Karen Wright Cardozo Memorial Scholarship—Lucy Lamoureux.

 Torin Norton Tucker ’10 Memorial Scholarship—Ruby Crist.

 The Iconoclast Award in Honor of Gary Hunt—Maeve O’Connell.

For the elementary school:

 Rocky Bates Memorial Scholarship—Torin Vandenburgh.

Other award winners

Book Award recipients were Savannah Spoor (Smith College), Carter Sammis (Whitman College), Lily Pogue (Williams College), Charlie Snyder (The College of Idaho) and Jett Carruth (Dartmouth College).

Jackson Giles earned The Rensselaer Medal Award. Norah Dowdle accepted the Anne Reed Gallery Award.

Given for the 37th year, Faculty Fund scholarships for students went to Marit Kaiser (Upper School), Emma Klingenfuss (Middle School), and Amarah Wesley (Elementary School).

The Classic Cutthroat Scholarship winner chosen by alumni was Lola Street.

Honored with Beatrice Awards were Crosby Boe (US), Charlotte Andrews (MS) and Hannah McEntee (ES).

Irving Student Achievement Awards were given to Lola Street (US), Carter Colgate (MS) and Peter Silva (ES).

Winners of Middle School Community Awards were Elise Buchanan (8th grade), Lucy Weekes (7th grade) and Addie Parmenter (6th grade).

Upper School Department Academic Awards given to one student per grade, by subject:

English: Emily Boettger (12th), Savannah Spoor (11th), Emma Desserault (10th) and Zander Douglas (9th);

History: Rylee Whorton (12th), Crosby Boe (11th), Isabelle Thomson (10th) and Etienne Blumberg (9th).

World Language: Johnny Hagenbuch (12th), Quinn Closser (11th), Maria Mendoza (10th) and Etienne Blumberg (9th).

Mathematics: Ella Kopplin (12th), Jett Carruth (11th), Ben Colbeck (10th) and Zephyr Carruth (9th).

Science: Sophie Bury (12th), Anhwei Kirk (11th), Ben Colbeck (10th) and Maya Lightner (9th).

Creative Arts: Sabine Love (12th), Rye Fruehling (11th), Maddie Charpentier (10th) and Charlie Coulter (9th).

Earning Bob Doyle Service Leader Awards were Lily Pogue (US) and Emma Klingenfuss (MS).

Community Service Awards for Upper and Middle schools went to the following:

• Platinum (100-plus service hours): Noelle LaFleur and Isabelle Thornton (US).

 Gold (50-99 hours): Crosby Boe, Emily Boettger, Jett Carruth, Lyla Maxwell, Lily Pogue, Eden Rose, Tyler Salvoni and Bridgette Silva (US); Emma Klingenfuss and Julianne Gould (MS).

 Silver (35-49 hours): Jamie More (US).

• Bronze (25-34 hours): Trevor Harmon, Elle Mann, Ava Verhaeghe and Carly Walther-Porino (US); Charlotte Andrews (MS).

Academy diplomas and certificates

Outdoor Leadership diplomas: Shea Brokaw, William Everitt, Buey Grossman, Brian Heekin, Elle Mann, Andrew O’Connor, Will Price, Fletcher Stumph, Chloe Tanous and John Weekes.

Creative Arts diplomas: Laine Allison, Emily Boettger, George Englehardt, Tallulah Gilbreath, Sophie Harder, Ella Kopplin, Jasper Mott, Paris Pratt, Will Price, Dasha Romanov, Cate Seay, Rosa Schaffner, Sophia Sturgeon, Thea Todd, Carly Walther-Porino and Kohler Wood.

Ski Academy certificates: Sophie Bury, George Englehardt, Buey Grossman, Johnny Hagenbuch, Trevor Harmon, Brian Heekin, Merumo Ishimaru, Ella Kopplin, Johannes Liaboe, Ridley Lindstrom, Sabine Love;

Lexie Madigan, Finn Mallinen, Elle Mann, Kai Mittelsteadt, Max Moss, Anna O’Neill, Sydney Palmer-Leger, William Paquette, Paris Pratt, Will Price, Dasha Romanov, Rosa Schaffner, Cate Seay, Peyton Sundberg and Carly Walther-Porino.

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