High-achieving Wood River High School students in athletics and activities were singled out Thursday during the Bob Shay Most Inspirational awards ceremony at the high school performing arts theater.

    Voted the “Outstanding Senior Athletes” for the 2017-18 year were Taylor Koth and Maya Hollister, both headed for the University of Oregon.

    Named “Outstanding Seniors of Performing Arts” were Annabelle Lewis and Jorgen Lawrence.

    A new honor this year was the “Outstanding Senior Academic Activities Award” that was given to Sydney Roberts and Trail Gralenski.

    Recipients of Senior Scholar/Athlete honors were Christian Hovey and Stella Barsotti.

    This was the 21st year that WRHS honored three-sport letter winners who are the backbones of school’s extracurricular programs.

    Honored for three sports in the 2017-18 year were Taylor Koth for a third consecutive year, Sariah Nilsen, Isaac Loomis, Christian Bothwell and Klayton Douthit.

    Accepting the sixth Jim Boatwright Memorial Award were Ike Buxton and Emily Thayer.

    Minico High All-State basketball star Boatwright had a distinguished career in college and pro basketball and taught at Wood River High School for 10 years before passing away in Feb. 2013.

    Allan Lee Patterson Memorial Awards were selected by the coaching staff.

    Given for the 41st time, Patterson honors remembered Hailey’s Allan Patterson, a 1975 Wood River graduate and passionate alpine skier who died in 1977. Winners were Lupita Patlan and Jett Erickson.

    Alex Rogers earned the Rose Bergin Memorial Award given for the 38th time to the girl who has the qualities of Bergin, a 1977 WRHS grad and runner who died of cancer.

    Dane Thompson received the 12th annual Monte Brothwell Unsung Hero Award honoring the Bellevue runner and 1972 state cross country champion who has completed 46-plus marathons.

    Awarded the 2017-18 “Wolverine Awards” were these students active in extracurricular activities:

    Jaren Bothwell, Ashley Ceja and Victor Saldivia for spirit; Emma Flolo, Dakota Hutton-King and Anne Marie Deffe for leadership;

    Also, Willow Anderson, Sidney Chambers and Scout Hutchinson for sportsmanship; Canyon Macdonald, Leah Thayer and Tiernan Naghsh for tenacity.

    Aidan Burchmore and Grace Ayres-Doyle earned the Tim Neville Award named after the Wood River speech arts teacher whose teams won 21 district and 10 state championships.

    Bob Shay “Most Inspirational” awards were presented to athletes in each of the school’s varsity sports and to those in activities like drama, speech arts and music.

    Shay award recipients:

    · Fall sports—Wyatt Parish in football;Emily Vandenberg in volleyball; Sebastian Zavala and Jenna Nurge in cross country; Taylor Koth in boys’ soccer; Sydney Roberts in girls’ soccer; Zach Deal and Sara Clayton in swimming.

    · Winter sports—Brandon Scott in boys’ basketball; Emma Flolo in girls’ basketball; and Jake Drummond in wrestling.

    · Spring sports—Will McGonigal in boys’ track, and Dakota Hutton-King in girls’ track; Jack Keating and Lily Brunelle in tennis; Jett Erickson for a second straight year in baseball; Isaac Kolman and McKenzie Brown in boys’ and girls’ golf; and Sydney Roberts in softball.

    · Other activities—Clara Harding in debate and speech; Ramsey Marquis and Sarah Feltman in drama; Sam Fauth and Kate Delval-Gonzalez in band; Dane Thompson and Madeline Austin in choir; along with Lance Verst and Arika Gourley in orchestra.


Max Stimac is top coach

    Presented for the 29th time was the “Shay Cup” to Wood River coaches in the name of Bob Shay, an educator and coach for 33 years in the Blaine County School District.

    Accepting the 2018 Shay Cup was choir teacher Max Stimac.

    Singled out as retiring head coaches were Dale Martin (softball) and Lars Hovey (baseball).

    Past “Shay Cup” winners:

    Football coach Kevin Stilling (three times); girls’ basketball coach Mendy Benson; tennis coach Vicki Johnston; wrestling coaches Shawn Huntington and Rhett Jones; cheerleading and track coach Jeannie Bradshaw; cross country and track coach James Foster; football coaches John Blackman and Mike Glenn; orchestra teacher Rebecca Martin; and drama teacher Karl Nordstrom;

    Baseball coach Lars Hovey; softball coach Chris Cey; softball coach Dale Martin (twice); tennis coach Nancy Williams; cross country coach Joel Zellers; boys’ soccer coach Brian Daluiso (twice); and band/choir teacher Bart Bailey;

    Speech arts coach Tim Neville (three times); debate coach Susan Worst; volleyball coach Dave Neumann; wrestling coach Tom Goicoechea; boys’ basketball coach Norm Cook; girls’ basketball/track coach J.C. Nemecek; girls’ soccer coach Tizz Strachan; cross country/track coach Bill Martell; and boys’ soccer coach Erik Larson.

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