Five Wood River High School softball and baseball players have been singled out for All-Great Basin Conference recognition based on their efforts during the 2019 season.

Wolverine junior Blake Nelson made the All-League third team as second baseman. Nelson was the second-leading Wood River hitter (.347) in the 7-21 Hailey season.

On All-GBC softball second team were the senior utility player Luci Cuellar and junior Hailee Harris as designated player/dual position.

Third-teamers included senior outfielder Morgan Benson and junior catcher Lauren Thomsen of Wood River (7-20).

Cuellar (.458) had 33 base hits, 38 runs scored, 15 RBI and 13 stolen bases. Harris (.493) rapped 8 doubles among her 25 hits, scored 21 runs and amassed 30 RBI.

Benson (.409) scored 12 runs with 10 RBI. Thomsen (.457, .786 slugging percentage) belted 11 doubles and 4 homers among 17 hits.

Sportspersons of the Year for Hailey were senior Taylor Wernig-Hebert and junior Huck Sprong.

First-year Wood River softball coach Kori Paradis told her players and staff in mid-May that she has decided to resign and will pursue her teaching career in the Boise area.

Named baseball Player of the Year was junior Magnum Hofstetter of Twin Falls (23-6-1), the GBC tournament champ and State 4A consolation winner.

Nolan Amundson of Twin Falls was Coach of the Year. Pitcher of the Year was Kobe Matsen, the Minico senior.

Softball Player of the Year was senior Maddie Palmer of Pocatello and Coach of the Year was Todd Floyd of Mountain Home.

The Pitcher of the Year was senior Kenzie Connell of Twin Falls.

See today’s Express web site for this year’s other picks:



Catcher—First team: Tazyn Twiss (Minico sophomore). Second team: Kody Condie (Burley senior). Third team: Casey Knaup (Canyon Ridge senior).

Pitchers—First team: Trei Hough (Pocatello senior). Second team: Lucas Young (Twin Falls senior). Third team: Slayder Watterson (Burley sophomore).

First base—First team: Jaden Marley (Pocatello senior). Second team: Sam Hoggarth (Twin Falls junior). Third team: Andy Klop (Twin Falls senior).

Second base—First team: Tai Walker (Twin Falls sophomore). Second team: Matt Ybarra (Mountain Home senior). Third team: Blake Nelson (WRHS junior).

Third base—First team: Colter May (Minico senior). Second team: Nate Maxfield (Canyon Ridge junior). Third team: Cody Wells (Mountain Home senior).

Shortstop—First team: Rylan Chandler (Minico junior). Second team: Payton Cleaves (Pocatello senior). Third team: Skyler Warner (Century senior).

Outfield—First team: Avery Rambur (Canyon Ridge senior), Carson Walters (Twin Falls junior) and Carson Schow (Minico senior).

Second team: Chipper LaGrone (Canyon Ridge sophomore), Kage Southern (Mountain Home junior) and Cole Roske (Century senior).

Third team: Haylen Walker (Twin Falls junior), Jace Mahlke (Twin Falls freshman) and Nick McAdam (Pocatello senior).

Designated hitter—First team: Chandler McKay (Minico senior). Second team: Ramiro Garcia (Burley junior). Third team: Isaiah Smith (Preston junior).

Utility—First team: Drake Rosas (Canyon Ridge senior). Second team: Jarom Wallace (Jerome junior). Third team: Scott Ritchie (Burley junior).

Sportspersons of the Year—Huck Sprong (WRHS); Carson Noble (Burley); Raleigh Aubart (Canyon Ridge); Hudson Williams (Century); Mason Rue (Jerome); Austin Meredith (Minico); Ryan Tindall (Mountain Home); Chase Aginauga (Pocatello); Justin Inglet (Preston); Kaden Stutzman (Twin Falls).



Catcher—First team: Kylee Gerstl (Canyon Ridge junior). Second team: Sierra Reynolds (Mountain Home junior). Third team: Lauren Thomsen (WRHS junior).

Pitcher—First team: Hannah Evans (Pocatello senior). Second team: Alicia Beverly (Canyon Ridge senior). Third team: Mallory Beck (Burley senior).

First base—First team: Sara Miller (Mountain Home senior). Second team: Lexi Garza (Pocatello senior). Third team: Aryah Castillo (Canyon Ridge sophomore).

Second base—First team: Paisley Medeiros (Mountain Home junior). Second team (tie): McKenna Todd (Twin Falls junior) and Jacinda Banda (Minico junior).

Third base—First team: Kaitlynn Ayers (Twin Falls junior). Second team: Alliana Tibbets (Canyon Ridge sophomore). Third team: Maddy Cote (Mountain Home junior).

Shortstop—First team: Reece Floyd (Mountain Home freshman). Second team: Vivi Ortega (Jerome senior). Third team: Ashley Harris (Century junior).

Outfield—First team: Brinley Iverson (Twin Falls sophomore), Kylie Dubbe (Pocatello senior) and Mercedes Bell (Jerome junior).

Second team: Breanna Elliot (Mountain Home freshman), Jaycie Massie (Canyon Ridge sophomore) and Cedar Bingham (Minico senior).

Third team: Clair Hodge (Twin Falls junior), Natiaya Vongmany (Century senior) and Morgan Benson (WRHS senior).

Utility—First team: Aramy Glaser (Century sophomore). Second team (tie): Luci Cuellar (WRHS senior) and Kiara Garza (Minico junior).

Dual position—First team: Hannah Holcomb (Twin Falls sophomore). Second team: Hailee Harris (WRHS junior). Third team: Holly Anderson (Mountain Home junior).

Sportspersons of the Year—Taylor Wernig-Hebert (WRHS), Karlee Embretson (Canyon Ridge), Ashlee Harris (Century), Jentry Mills (Jerome), Taelor Hernandez (Minico), Amber Pruitt (Mountain Home), Kylie Dubbe (Pocatello), Savannah Fitzgerald (Twin Falls).

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