Summertime angling success depends on delicate presentations, line management and creative bug selection. As for presentations, make your first cast count. The fish seldom give you a second chance. When it comes to line management, keep the slack out of your line or you will miss the opportunity to set the hook. Finally, when selecting flies be sure to have a few different styles and sizes of the same bug. Often downsizing to match the small bugs of summer is best. Anglers who make these adjustments will continue to find success. And as always, land fish quickly, keep them in water while releasing, and keep an eye on water temperatures.

SILVER CREEK: The morning Trico hatch should continue to build over the next few weeks. The day begins with a few Callibaetis spinners and Trico duns on the water. As the morning progresses, Baetis spinners make an appearance followed by a brief Trico spinner fall. If the fish pod more than likely they are eating more Baetis than Tricos. Once the morning activity subsides, blue damsels as well as Callibaetis duns and spinners may appear. Of course, beetles and ants can be good midday. With the onset of the Trico hatch, angler pressure increases, especially in the Preserve. Please use common sense and courtesy when fishing around other anglers. Also, water temperatures are high, so please keep the fish wet and release them immediately. Remember, while fishing in the Preserve, you are required to sign in. This can be done via your phone with the QR code posted at all access points or by texting “Visitor” to 833-593-0682.

BIG WOOD: The Wood looks perfect right now, and new water continues to open as flows drop. Still, fish numbers are down, so success depends upon persistence. Those willing to find water that has not been pressured are finding decent fishing. The hatches remain strong during the most pleasant time of the day, but once the heat settles in the bugs disappear. Look for pale morning duns, blue winged olives, golden stones, crane flies, caddis, and Tricos depending on where you fish.

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