In its 10th year, the 2022 Baldy Banked Slalom was back in force last weekend, Jan. 8-9, with 196 registered snowboarders competing for local glory and the chance to qualify for the Mount Baker Banked Slalom.

Of the 196 riders that competed, only 120 finished the raucous and vicious course at the top of Bald Mountain’s Warm Springs side.

Unfortunately, the Mount Baker event in Washington was recently postponed until 2023 due to COVID-19. But that didn’t stop the talent from coming out during the sunny weekend, or dim the outlook of Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Snowboard coach Andy Gilbert, who announced the races.

“This was a great snowboard race and a great community event with great conditions,” Gilbert said.

In the Pro-Open Men’s category, Ketchum mayoral candidate, recent Ketchum Planning and Zoning commissioner—and local ripper—Spencer Cordovano narrowly edged fellow local Yancy Caldwell for the top spot. Cordovano won with a time of 56.23 seconds in the best of two runs. Cordovano’s first run was 57.04 seconds.

Caldwell had to settle for second place with a best time of 56.61 seconds. Jason Rickard took third (57.73).

In the Pro-Open Women’s category, Rel Friedman (1:01.80) took first, Jes Ford (1:02.79) took second and Amber Nelson (1:03.12) took third.

On the Amateur side, Wood River High School senior Zoe Bacca took first for the women with a time of 1:07.58. Bacca’s soccer teammate Channing Curci took second (1:10.96) and Kiana Busey (1:11.60) took third.

For the men’s side of the Amateur race, Ross Bird (1:00.19) took first, Jackson Flynn (1:01.52) took second and Mattie Mead (1:01.20) took third.

Below are full results:

Yancy Caldwell

Wood River Valley local Yancy Caldwell grooves on Sunday as he took second overall in the Pro-Men’s division.

Pro-Open Mens

1—Spencer Cordovano 56.23; 2—Yancy Caldwell 56.61; 3—Jason Rickard 57.73; 4—Jeremy Black 57.87; 5—Matt Hughes 57.94; 6—Pat Holland 58.22; 7—Elk Spencer 58.49; 8—Owen Cline 58.52; 9—Danks Chillberti 58.58; 10—Rick Millett 58.83.

11—Nate Sheehan 58.91; 12—Galen Carter 58.96; 13—Wyatt Caldwell 59.28; 14—Robin Foster 59.31; 15—Matty Hansen 59.51; 16—Danny Gariepy 59.73; 17—Jeremy Holmstead 59.91; 18—David Boldwin 1:00.07; 19—Parker Giblin 1:00.25; 20—Matthias Fostvedt 1:00.44.

21—Mark Oliver 1:00.62; 22—Ronald Arnold 1:00.78; 23—Michael Toohey 1:01.25; 24—Jens Peterson 1:01.56; 25—Aidan Green 1:01.63; 26—Eric Doyle 1:01.73; 27—Brody Mcbee 1:02.24; 28—Dillon Witmer 1:02.27; 29—Tyler Macleod 1:02.72; 30—Kyle Harmon 1:03.10.

31—Justin Latimer 1:04.60; 32—Charles Gordon Knight 1:04.96; 33—Alex Palicki 1:06.26; 34—Dave Rider 1:07.87; 35—Josh Ringelstetter 1:11.83; 36—Matt Noble 1:12.22.

Pro-Open Womens

1—Rel Friedman 1:01.80; 2—Jes Ford 1:02.79; 3—Amber Nelson 1:03.12; 4—Camila Brown 1:03.50; 5—Lila Yeoman 1:03.66; 6—Clara Jenner 1:03.77; 7—Ashley Wendorf 1:03.79; 8—Phebe Ericksen 1:04.32; 9—Gina Heuscher 1:07.16; 10—Kimberly Natural 1:07.78.

11—Tamara Harrison 1:09.58; 12—Kendall Zack 1:12.63; 13—Maria Vasin 1:12.80; 14—Camille Fox 1:18.10; 15—Khairul Bhagwandin 1:28.40.


The 2022 Baldy Banked Slalom saw 196 total snowboarders flood the top of Baldy over the weekend.

35+ Mens

1—Craig Newbury 57.97; 2—Ben Mouser 58.24; 3—Pat Lee 58.33; 4—Ben Verge 59.65; 5—Mr. Kaiser 1:00.12; 6—Catfish Mattias 1:00.22; 7—Edward Sawicz 1:00.25; 8—Rudi Broschofsky 1:00.86; 9—Cory Smith 1:01.19; 10—Jason Cline 1:01.33.

11—Josh Keefer 1:01.70; 12—Dustin Hawkins 1:02.28; 13—Chase Cleveland 1:02.33; 14—Tal Roberts 1:02.40; 15—Adam Hall 1:03.04; 16—Shayd Otis 1:03.05; 17—Chad Barczak 1:03.43; 18—Patrick Giblin 1:03.54; 19—Cuyler Swindley 1:04.00; 20—Riley Nash 1:04.07.

21—Mark Keegan 1:04.19; 22—Andy Gilbert 1:04.88; 23—Jeff Yeoman 1:05.28; 24—Joe Mama 1:06.52; 25—Josh Switzer 1:12.41.

35+ Womens

1—Cara Shumate 1:05.38; 2—Megan Shellhorn 1:10.15; 3—Carey Mcquate 1:13.72; 4—Amie Thomas 1:14.67; 6—Renee Yeoman 1:49.24.

Amateur Men

1—Ross Bird 1:00.19; 2—Jackson Flynn 1:01.52; 3—Mattie Mead 1:02.20; 4—Josh Devenere 1:02.34; 5—Michael De Haan 1:04.60; 6—Kristian Whittaker 1:05.45; 7—Colby Marsh 1:08.38; 8—Elan Sutherland 1:11.44; 9—Ruben Jaime 1:12.60; 10—William Robinson 1:14.69.

Amateur Women

1—Zoe Bacca 1:07.58; 2—Channing Curci 1:10.96; 3—Kiana Busey 1:11.60; 4—Sarah Higgins 1:16.55; 5—Ali Gardiner 1:30.36.

Andy Gilbert

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Snowboard coach Andy Gilbert announces Sunday's final.

Next-Gen Boys

1—Rylan Olson 1:07.64; 2—Enzo Schmillen 1:08.43; 3—Miles Hatzenbuehler 1:12.00; 4—Bixby Swanger 1:13.76; 5—Bolden Enoch 1:14.15; 6—Clive Freytag 1:15.91; 7—Liam Romero 1:18.13.

Next-Gen Girls

1—Naomi Gorringe 1:07.40; 2—Vivian Smith 1:19.13.

Youth Boys

1—Henry Hawkins 59.96; 2—Bennet Giblin 1:00.62; 3—Owen Buchanan 1:01.28; 4—Sebastian Lerner 1:02.61; 5—Nico Lerner 1:03.90; 6—Karsen Miller 1:05.57.

Youth Girls

1—Emma Hall 1:05.84; 2—Madison Hall 1:05.95; 3—Callie Allen 1:09.43; 4—Sophie Smith 1:11.67; 5—Emma Lurie 1:14.88; 6—Abbie Gibln 1:17.76; 7—Clarissa Yeoman 1:20.48; 8—Aster Pitts 1:24.80; 9—Camilla Parks 1:25.20.

Ronald Arnold

Wood River Valley local Yancy Caldwell grooves on Sunday as he took second overall in the Pro-Men’s division.

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