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truth to hypocrisy

America’s much-maligned health care system is covering 9 out of 10 people. Government surveys show that about 90% of the population has coverage, independent experts estimate that more than half of the roughly 30 million uninsured people in the country are eligible for health insurance through existing programs.

A report this year by the Commonwealth Fund think tank in New York found fewer uninsured Americans than in 2010, but more who are “underinsured,” a term that describes policyholders exposed to high out-of-pocket costs, when compared with their individual incomes. Thank you for high deductibles Obamacare.

Medicare for all doesn’t do it either. The Democratic candidates are selling Medicare for All to appease the dreams of activists and progressives. When you start telling autoworkers, schoolteachers, and other unions with their gold-plated plans and others who receive medical insurance through their employer to give them up is not going to sell in the swing States.

We need to look at Federal and State subsidized funding pools for those with existing conditions, and high risk illnesses.