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The CDC (Department of Disease) has officially stated that the Covid 19 is a mild flu influenza. It has never been found, photographed, nor isolated the virus and thus can not be ascertained it exists. Masks only sufficate a person, taking oxygen down below the 19.5 % legal mark by OSHA Level for employees to 17% or lower. This low point of oxygen begins to kill brain cells. The nose is an very efficient screen made of mucoidal tissue and filtering that when covered becomes less able to screen the nasal and head cavities from malifect germs and pathogens. Immunity is built by constantly being exposed to other living forms micro-bioms and bacteria to continually strengthen itself. When shut off from this daily, the defense is not built to top health fortification an becomes frail and susceptible. Exposure to fresh air, other people's breath, prompting white blood cell activation is the path of greatest health.