So, you saved little by little so as to have a little nest egg to help when one of those emergencies comes along. Then we have a government intent on providing for everyone. Each received something from the government, and it was welcome, as times are tough.

But, from where did that money come? Let me tell you: The only place it could come from is from us, the people. Now we are paying a lot more for gasoline. The price of food is going up and housing is getting very expensive; so expensive that some people simply cannot afford to live in certain places.

No government has ever been able to print lots of money without consequences. Unless we convince our government to stop spending money they do not have, we may one day find that our money is worthless. We may find that it takes a wheelbarrow load of money just to buy a loaf of bread.

Our schools seem intent on teaching that socialism is great because we get something for nothing. Don’t believe it. Capitalism is best.

Jim Hollingsworth, Hayden

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