On May 16, Ketchum voters will be asked whether the LOT should be split between workforce housing and airport subsidies. I will vote "no." While there is a definite need for housing in the city, and I would support different variations of funding for it, I will not support it this way.

First, Mayor Bradshaw and the Ketchum City Council are relying on a gimmick hoping that residents here will not risk their airline subsides and vote yes to get the housing subsidy. For me, this is a legal form of extortion that the city of Sun Valley has not done to their residents. It is unethical and should be rejected just for that.

Secondly, the Ketchum should not be given a blank check. They are saying to the voters, "Trust Us!" Give us the funding even though we only have concepts, and we will give you a plan when it is too late to challenge it. That is how Bluebird was done, and right now we are paying millions more in both overruns, lost revenues. You are asking Ketchum residents, not tourists as they keep suggesting, to pay for housing for an undetermined group of people that like Bluebird, they will have little say over.

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