Recently, PEG Cos. (Marriott project) held an open house to showcase changes they had made in response to the City Council. Be aware that those changes came as a result of the overwhelming community disapproval of the 100-room Marriott boutique hotel. Sundry reasons, including size, traffic and even location were the most objections voiced. While the PEG group was certainly cordial at this gathering, their motive was obvious—to sell us on the few changes they will propose at the next council meeting Dec. 2.

Even with the changes they propose to make, the fact remains that it is too big a project for this one-acre lot. And further, it doesn’t accord with other zoning regulations.

It is quite apparent there is no transparency when it comes to making deals with developers. We, the community residents, are kept in the dark, left only with frustration over and over with our city leaders. We have a mayor who wants to “follow a process” and a P&Z that makes decisions seriously affecting the core of our town. The codes are manipulated without consideration for the neighborhoods and property values of the residents. So, it seems the only thing that is transparent is that our community concerns and objections are not a priority to our leaders.

Pat Duggan


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