The past weeks have brought compounding evidence of the extreme efforts that the Trump Administration were willing to undertake to overthrow a fair election. The news barrage culminated this week with reports that Trump directed the Department of Justice to declare the election corrupt and “leave the rest to me.”

My question in all of this is where is the Idaho delegation? These men manage to find outrage in the most benign things like using the word “milk” on a label for almond milk, yet they are nowhere to be seen in the discussion about an attempted coup. Simpson, Fulcher, Crapo, and Risch have completely abrogated their duty in the name of staying out of Trump’s spotlight.

It was bad enough when they supported lies and an anti-state’s rights lawsuit prior to the insurrection. However, for them to remain silent in the wake of an attack on our democracy and mounting evidence of a plotted coup is inexcusable. These four men have put their own well-being ahead of the state of Idaho and the United States. Whether you agree with their politics or not, their display of self-serving cowardice and dereliction of their oaths should be utterly reprehensible to all Idahoans.

Ben Roberts   Idaho Falls

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