There are lots of folks in our Wood River Valley now, and those of us who live here welcome you and are happy you are here to share our community—whether you are visiting or buying a home. We are proud of our towns, mountains, river, neighbors and importantly, our “locals” culture—we assume you also like these things or you would be someplace else.

In particular, there are some things that we do here that might be a bit different from where you currently live. For example, we are a friendly place, so we make eye contact and say “Hi” to others, even strangers. We stop at stop signs here. (I have never seen so many folks with out-of-state plates hardly slowing down as they rolled through a stop sign.) We stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. We pretty much go the speed limit on our roads—our 25 mph speed limits are somewhat indicative of our pace of life here. We stop for bicycles when they cross the road. We lift a finger off the steering wheel to say “Hi” to a passing car, whether we know them or not. We never, ever, honk except to say “Hello.” We very seldom pass on the right. We shop local whenever we can to support our businesses. We bring our grocery baskets back to the store or at least park them in the designated spot. We love the outdoors and try to keep it clean.

We really don’t care if you were a big cheese or a little guy back where you are from. We are happy to have you here and welcome you to our community, as we are all pretty much equals here. But please, leave your “big city” habits back home.

Jay Cassell

Blaine County

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