I recently contacted the Warm Springs Preserve to ask about contributing to a bench for the dog park in my husband’s name and was told that the cost to do that would be $100,000. The more I thought about that, the more distressed I got.

My husband and I have lived here for 27 years. My husband loved to walk our dogs at the dog park. I was prepared to pay a reasonable amount for a memorial bench for my husband who died two years ago. I was stunned to be told that it would cost $100,000.

I have been feeling more and more uncomfortable about what Ketchum/Sun Valley is turning into. It is deeply disturbing that this town seems to be a place now only for the ultra-rich. It’s hard for me to feel at home here anymore. I’m certainly not poor, but in order to live here and/or fully participate in the life here, you can’t just be well off, you have to be part of the financial elite. There are more and more wealthy second home owners. If we aren’t careful, the full-time residents will be pushed out and this will just be a playground for the wealthy. I think it’s extremely sad and does not benefit us to be defined primarily by the wealth of our citizens.

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