I love where we live, I love how our community has come together to support the people on the front lines with the 8 p.m. howl. As they are out howling for the medical teams, grocery store workers and all essential services, I would hope that they would consider that these people are receiving a paycheck, they still have an income to pay their mortgages and rent, they have the means to buy food for their families, they have money coming in to cover their cost of living.

Meanwhile, the rest of the community is making a different sacrifice.

We need to show support for all the business owners in our community who might not survive this virus. We need to show support for the employees who have lost their jobs and may or may not get them back when this is over. We need to show support for the families that can’t afford to buy food or pay their electric bill. We need to show support for our senior citizens who are not able to see their families. It’s not just the health-care workers, grocery store workers and other essential workers who are making a sacrifice—our whole community is making the sacrifice.

Leah Merklinghaus, Ketchum

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