It’s time to speak out forcefully about the elephant in the Idaho room. We have had a supermajority of Republicans in both the House and Senate for far too many years now. Even so, the GOP powers would like very much to strip away what little Democratic input we have had in the Statehouse from District 26, claiming that their candidates are better than Karma, Ned and Ron. Not so! It is the clearest representation of power politics that will not satisfy the GOP until they reach 100% representation instead of the mere 80%-plus supermajority they now enjoy. This huge imbalance has already allowed them to play havoc with women’s rights, continue inadequate funding for education and infrastructure, allow the steady decline of available health care services in rural areas, waste taxpayer monies on frivolous lawsuits, and pass huge tax rebates and cuts to their well-heeled cronies.

If for no other reason than keeping this power-hungry political party from further inserting itself into every area of your private life and beliefs, you need to vote Democratic. Because you are kidding yourself if you think that these wannabee dictators truly represent your interests. They don’t—they just want to control your very existence. It's time for a serious look at the actions of Little, Crapo, Labrador and Risch, who long ago opted for a seat at the state/federal table of power and largesse.

Gary Hoffman

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