Keep it in the ground—that is the shout of the environmentalists. That would mean the end of the use of fossil fuels for automobile gasoline, truck diesel, train diesel and aircraft kerosene. Are we willing to do without these modes of transportation? Fossil fuels helped make America the greatest nation on the earth, but there is much more in crude oil than the above.

 Are we willing to do without tires, plastics and pavement? I am not. Just go through your day and see all the ways that plastic is used. What can you buy at a supermarket that does not come in some sort of plastic? 

Some locations have banned plastic straws, but that seems rather silly compared to all the other things we use that are made of plastic. And, while we may be willing to drive an electric car that runs on solar energy, how will we run without tires?

Just giving the matter a little thought ought to convince ourselves that rather than leaving it in the ground we ought to seek ways to get more.

James H. Hollingsworth

Hayden, Idaho

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