I’ve lived in this valley for more than 40 years and I hike in the backcountry all the time. I’ve also spent stretches living in tents that we carried in to wild and gorgeous areas to enjoy our extraordinary wild land. I’ve yet to even see a wolf, let alone be threatened by one. They’re certainly not roaming the streets of our town, eating our pets. Where is the big problem here? If you want to “harvest” something, volunteer to work for an Idaho farmer who could use your help.

To me, the wonder of living where we do, having access to our exceptional wilderness, includes the chance encounter with wildlife. I’ve seen mountain goats and bears and elk and deer, and none of them were being threatened or attacked by wolves either. Personally, I worry that I’m more apt to die by being hit by a car in the Costco parking lot.

This nonsense and fear-mongering, which I believe is largely promoted by hunting organizations and people who don’t live here, is so absurdly overblown that it astounds me.

If people want to recreate in areas without wildlife, perhaps they should go to Disneyland, where their mechanical boats can be “threatened” by rubber hippos. As for the rest of us who live in Idaho to enjoy this incredible land and the animals that we share it with, let’s stop trying to murder the wildlife that are an integral part of the balance of nature. It’s what makes this such an amazing place to live.

Norma Douglas


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