If we can talk about the weather all day long, why is it so hard to talk about climate change and what we can do about it? Although there are still those who disagree with one aspect or another regarding global warming and climate change, the majority of Americans believe it is happening, believe it is serious and believe that we need to do something about it.

For a lot of us, the problems feel so large that only large corporations and agribusinesses (producing immense amounts of greenhouse gasses) or governments (who can set the law of the land) can do anything to bring about a big enough change quickly enough to help stop the dominoes from falling and the seas from rising.

But, as Americans, we have the advantage of living in a capitalistic democracy where every individual can have their say and make it count. Whether you take your next step by speaking up at a local council meeting or writing postcards to our elected officials or by finding ways to cut down on your purchases of single-use items, drive your car less, eat less meat or _______ (your choice, fill in the blank), you are talking to large business and government and they do listen. Your vote and your purchases are what they want to have, so make your voice (and the planet’s needs) heard! Put your money and your votes right up there where your mouth is and speak out.

It may be that the first thing you need to do to help address global warming is to talk about it with your friends, family, local business and government. Go ahead. How are you feeling about the climate today?

Elizabeth Jeffrey, Hailey

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